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The Alien Dice Academy is located in a space station specifically designed for housing several thousand students at a time. It's physical location would be between the Littan Galaxy and the Aburiel Galaxy, out of the way of raiders and trading routes other than the Alien Dice oriented traders. Occasionally the arena in the Academy is used for tournaments and training of the students.

They pick up the 'trash' of the universe: orphans and those nobody really cared about have ended up in the program and still do. It's like an orphanage on Earth, only far worse, because they're supposed to be trained for future jobs and not be a pull on intergalactic society. The Alien Dice Corporation as a gesture of goodwill, charity, took in hundreds of thousands of them. They educated them, taught them the game, and taught them things they needed to know. It looks good on the outside and nobody cares what happens to them anyway, just that they have a purpose and aren't a burden. Not everyone gets put into the game itself. Some get to work on other aspects of the game, less dangerous aspects than playing. They like putting Rishan into the games because there aren't a lot to begin with, being rare in space except on the space colonies. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 26) No one has yet won all three sets of the game, and the cooperation doesn't want them to succeed. If they succeed, they're afraid that they'll tell everyone that they weren't willing participants: that they signed their contracts as children or didn't even sign their contracts.

They were only trained for the game and most of the abuse they received as kids, they thought was normal treatment. They knew no other way. The abuse was rarely physical, mostly mental and a lot of the time, unintentional by caretakers who were not Littans, Rishans, Sairah or Kourwine. They didn't understand that all four races had needs their own kind often didn't. Most of the caretakers considered the humanoid breeds to be overly high maintenance. The young ones whined and cried too much, even though they were fed and clean. The older ones were more preferred, but at a certain age, they were not accepted.

Most players come between the ages of 2-5, and most are not accepted past age 10. The older ones remembered too much of their family life, and if it was a good one, they caused problems - mainly because they had been taught right and wrong and knew a better life. (Lexx was an exception due to scoring and genetic markers.) Between the ages of 5-15 they have gleanings to weed out the weaklings who would not survive the bonding and or training (they don't wish to waste money without the possibility of profit). (AD Day 10, strip 28) They treat all their humanoid wards with drugs to advance their aging since they feel humanoid races grow too slowly on their own. (AD Day 12, strip 3)

They've also had problems with survival rate in humanoids of young age. The ADC had not dealt with children as small as babies and toddlers. Most of theirs were just under adolescent age. The babies were not touched or held beyond feeding and cleaning them. The staff didn't know anything about raising Rishan, Littan, Sairah or Kourwine children, all of which needed contact. (AD Day 9, strip 30)

They want all their students in the best of health and thin, and are in the habit of slipping drugs into the food and drink of anyone they think is getting too heavy. It didn't always have the most desirable affect. The ones who drank it didn't eat and sometimes were allergic to the drugs to a point that it permanently affected their bodies, and was occasionally lethal. (AD Day 8, strip 5)

They are bound by rules and consequences that are too numerous to repeat in casual conversation. As punishment they can be put into extra training or solitary confinement. They consider disobedience to be the worst violation. (AD Day 23, strip 6) Solitary is the worst punishment they hand out. It starts with cutting off their relay. (AD Day 23, strip 7) Then they typically strap them to a chair and put them in a sensory deprivation chamber for 12 hours or more. (Karmine was in there for three days.) One can't move, hear, touch or see. They drug them so their mind works just fine, but they don't control their body. (AD Day 23, strip 8)

They have been working on developing better players through both a secret breeding program (which Lexx refuses to be a part of), as well as the development of hybrid species (which hasn't been very successful due to their lack of knowledge on how to raise humanoid children).

Rumors abound, but very few have seen those trained from the breeding side of the Academy. Shira Lexx met only one (that he knows of) - a very attractive Rishan named Zinnae during his mandatory training before his last set (whom he refused when he found out what she was trained for). (AD Day 10, strip 12)

  • Though they may claim progeny they've contracted for, it's unusual for them to claim progeny born through natural means as well as through clinical means during that contract. (AD Day 11, strip 36)

The players were still slaves once they were out of the ADC's training academy, but it was veiled. The ADC couldn't force them to do anything they really didn't want to other than play the game. They couldn't physically make them do anything they didn't want to. There is a legal non-disclosure agreement in place as long as they play the game, but once they've won, they can talk. However, once out of the ADC, most of the players were so screwed up that they could never live a normal life. (AD Day 10, strip 28)