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Tilauh - a sweet hot beverage that smells like a mix of hot chocolate and apples (AD, Day 2, strip 1) and tastes like cinnamon spiced chocolate. (AD, Day 2, strip 2)

Kasai, Mishan, Tarbil - beverages (AD, Day 2, strip 2)

Yideh - hot beverage (AD, Day 1, strip 8)

Cible - served in large slices, resembles a yellow cake, though wiggles like jello (but a bit firmer), with chunky things in it and a creamy white syrup poured over it. It tastes like warm ice cream and apple pie. (AD, Day 3, strip 1)

Dilna - beverage made from powder mixture and water - neither from an animal. (AD, Day 4, strip 1)

Aged Sri Nodian Wine - a drink saved for 'special' occasions, such as when Claudia was trying to seduce Lexx (AD Day 5, strip 26)

Cabi - the fruit of a bush that shimmers with an oily texture and has leaves encased in globes of clear liquid grown by the Arsgadde, and seen at the Aidaron Falls Station. The fruit extends like icicles from the limbs of the bush, and oozes a bluish white liquid when broken, and smells like vanilla. Zeta finds it delicious. (AD Day 6, strip 20)

Sela - a beverage obtained at the Arsgadde Away Point. It comes in a sealed cup: the seal you bite through and the cup can be eaten if desired. Though Zeta likes it, it makes him sick if he drinks it. (AD Day 6, strip 22) It's fizzy and excessively sweet, being made from a sweetener derived from a fungus. (AD Day 6, strip 23)

Couribin Coolers - One of Damian's favorite beverages. Couribin was a relaxing drink that dulled your senses, but didn't really affect the body in a negative way. It burns slightly going down, followed by an overly warm sensation through the body. (AD Day 7, strip 23)

Nutramixes - a thick brown beverage made from powder and water, it contains all the compounds needed for nanites to heal a body without taking away from other parts of the body. (AD Day 9, strip 23)

Ruscante Diomi - One of the most highly priced beverages brewed on Litta. It's sweet tasting, and leaves a pleasant buzzing sensation, but you cannot get actually drunk on it, only relaxed. (AD Day 12, strip 17)

Sica Lunai - an intoxicating beverage that comes in green bottles. Rook drank 5 bottles in 2 hours to 'catch herself'. (AD Day 14, strip 16)

Klimen - a Littan drink taken to heighten mental awareness, it has the side effect of elevating heart rate and blood flow considerably. (AD Day 18, strip 121)

Goldroot - a rich yellow vegetable that Damian enjoyed (looks similar to carrots). Lisaan diced some for use in a dish. (AD Day 20, strip 70)

Sipli - fresh pale green and golden striped globules that closely resembled large grapes, one of Lexx's favorite foods (AD day 20, strip 119)

Aged Naimor - Thick cuts of lightly seasoned raw meat. (AD Day 21, strip 89)