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Purple orb.jpg
'The Purple Orb', 'The Central Orb'
Lavender colored skin with small dark purple spots running down her neck and sides, large dark purple patch surrounds the eye and covers most the right side of her face, smaller dark purple patch starts just below her left eye and extends down to the chin-line, long golden hair. Red eyes.
Head of the Alien Dice Corporation
Trusted Employees 
First, Korbaen Dasch

  • Very few had ever seen the head of the ADC. They knew the purple orb, but she herself did not make public appearances. She had her board of directors handle just about everything, while she enjoyed the anonymity of being nothing more than another Rishan, a strikingly beautiful one with quite a bit of money, servants and ships, but still, a Rishan. (AD Day 20, strip 100)
    • Even her servants don't see her. They wear a white, full-face, eyeless mask when bringing things to her. The mask is to prevent the servant from seeing anything, because it's a secret who Andisel is.
    • Some wear only a white blindfold, and tend to stand in silence and try to attract as little attention to themselves as possible. Andisel had a tendency to abuse the closest soft thing she could reach when upset about something. (AD Day 26, strip 1)
  • Considers Shira Lexx to be a problem to be dealt with. Her only concerns are the profits to be made, and how to avoid problems like the ones he created in the future. She feels that even if they have to kill Lexx, since she's sure Kane will be more than willing to sell her eggs for her freedom, and they have Shira Kaimar in stasis as a backup, they'll be able to produce more males to improve their breeding stock, and the new generation of players would be bred in their facility, never knowing the freedom Lexx knew, and thus not causing the problems he did. (AD Day 20, strip 101)
  • She considers Lexx an attractive male with good genetics. If he survives, she plans to take him for her personal collection, with plans to raise any children he sires as more manageable fighters. (AD Day 23, strip 68)
  • This was the change that Andisel was moving the company toward. More players who were carefully bred from existing players and fewer outside children brought into the system. There had been too many risks taken in the past when Andisel's mother had run the company. Andisel's methods ensured more players who survived bonding and less lawsuits should they pick up a child, such as Lexx, who ended up having living relations.

Fortunately for the ADC, Lexx’s relations were not aware of his circumstances until long after the time had elapsed for them to be able to file a claim for him. Unfortunately, a very annoying Littan was in the process of changing the laws. Another reason Andisel was cutting down on the children being picked up. A few exceptional children here and there, but no more orphanage raids and agents retrieving children from starships by force. (AD Day 23, strip 68)

  • She was not happy when Korbaen defected to Earth (dragging Kane along with him) instead of completing the mission she sent them on. (AD Day 25, strip 37) Her 3 plans of ending his winning streak were in various stages of failure, leaving only one active that was likely to kill him (the nanite poison he was infected with), and the Gauntlet as her only back-up plan should he survive... which she didn't like since he'd be untouchable if he managed to win. (AD day 25, strip 38)
    • First would point out that once he got to that point, Lexx wouldn't be a threat, as without his life being on the line, he was unlikely to even finish the game. Though unhappy her plans were going astray, she conceded since he was unpredictable because he never enjoyed the game. If he won, he'd fall into obscurity because he will stop fighting. If he lost, he's dead or a captive. (AD day 25, strip 38)
    • She was the one who had replaced Trasik. They would offer to exchange her to her family for the Mimic, with the plans to destroy it and release the story as a sidebar to Lexx's feed, 'a Mimic from an unknown source attempted to capture Lexx and replace Trasik, but due to interference was found out, no charges are being filed.' (AD Day 25, strip 41) Her family agreed, as it cleared Trasik of everything they did, and tried to push for the release of Lexx as well, but she refused as at this point she really wants to see Lexx dead. (AD Day 25, strip 42)
    • She would issue the Gauntlet in AD Day 26, strip 3.
  • She has no respect for the Architects, calling them a bunch of frail melon-heads. (AD Day 26, strip 5)
  • First Appeared in Silhouette in AD Day 10, strip 44; First shown as Central Purple Orb in AD Day 20, strip 99; First Shown as herself in AD Day 20, strip 100