Andrea Reid

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Reid, Andrea
Melissa Reid (mother), Victor Reid (father), Chelsea Reid (Sister), Kalvin Reid (brother)

Andrea, Chel's little sister, is popular, a cheerleader and a little bit manipulative. Like many teenagers, she does not seem to pay much attention to the consequences of her actions. She does a little bit of rule bending and could mean trouble for Chel and Lexx in the future.

She's a cheerleader through and through, even down to the giddy, almost air-headed demeanor. (AD Day 7, strip 3)

Andrea has a boyfriend named Johnathan. (AD Day 13, strip 3)

She also has a friend named Katie. (AD Day 15, strip 8)

Chel was upset that while she was away, Andrea would take advantage of the situation to not only have her boyfriend over late at night, but to also get drunk, mess up the living room, and break a window. (AD Day 13, strip 7)

She likes her pancakes with peanut butter, butter, marshmallows, and syrup. (AD Day 16, strip 1) Claims she can beat Kalvin at DDR. (AD Day 16, strip 3)

Due to the arrival of aliens, her parents would send her and Kalvin to live with their grandparents in their country home in another state. (AD Day 26, strip 112)

  • First Appeared in AD Day 7, strip 2