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Arena Circuits

There is a circuit of battles going around the arenas of various away points and space stations. The winner of the battles gets rewarded, and some dice have abandoned playing their standard game in favor of following the circuits.

The ADC loves arena battles on space stations and away points because they get a generous cut of the gambling proceeds, while the winner gets a percentage. (AD Day 6, strip 26)

A Master Dice can gain lots of money by winning tournaments, but many get captured in the process. If they get really good at it, they'll be moved to a career in the arenas to gain more money for the ADC - they're not really free, but they can't be captured. They get contracts and representatives who take care of everything for them, and they are led to believe they are rich, although 'accidents' happen when they start losing. (AD Day 6, strip 49)

Even captured Dice in the Arenas are generally treated well,.. until they lose. Even Dice that lose, if they've won enough and have a decent enough master, will be retired. If they don't have a good master, they'll be fired and released from their contract (sometimes they will have 'accidents'). That Dice can ONLY complain about his prior master, never the ADC. There are very few Dice who have been fired as of yet, but they are there.

These Dice often find new employment in either the Black Market gaming or in recent years, teaching the newly started free Masters. People like Riley who get bonded to a 'fighting' dice like the Master Dice, but without the nanites and who don't generally fight to the point that Master Dice fight to.

A blacklisted arena team is not allowed to battle in official ADC tournaments, and will only find work in the black market tournaments, which make their money off the death of the participants, not just gambling on the fighting. (AD Day 14, strip 43)