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== Basic Set: == 10 6-sided Dice

The basic Dice Set consists of 10 dice. These dice are known as the basics because they are primarily used to capture the rest of the sets and usually the first set of a dice a player will purchase. They have a set element/ability. A player will be set down within a five-mile radius of this type of dice, with the search being part of the process of obtaining the dice. The player is allowed to bring two dice against these provided their combined levels are no more than twice the pursued dice's level.

Dice List in order of capture for Lexx

  1. Zeta - Flame Dice
  2. Stealth - Strategy Dice
  3. Skate - Swim Dice
  4. Fly - Flight Dice
  5. Dig - Dig Dice
  6. Epsy - Ice Dice
  7. Dash - Speed Dice
  8. Energy - Energy Dice
  9. Static - Spark Dice
  10. Steel - Steel Dice