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Trasik, Riley, Fily, Mauki, Domic, Tairil, + 1 more brother

Biste is one of Trasik and Riley's brothers, and not a nice brother either. He was the first brother on Trasik's behalf to fight Lexx, being a jerk who agrees with Trasik's view, and likes Trasik more than Riley.

He had no interest in being on Earth, and considered challenging Lexx to not be worth his time. (AD Day 9, strip 1) His plan was to turn Lexx over to Trasik afterwards. (AD Day 9, strip 2)

He's short, stocky, and doesn't hesitate to cheat. (AD Day 9, strip 4)

The owner of Sicali Riane - she's his best Master Dice and he's had her since the game began. (AD Day 9, strip 1) He uses her, and ultimately loses her, in his battle with Lexx. (AD Day 9, strip 18)

  • He had a side deal with Trasik that if Riane won, he would have Lexx and Riane breed to make a child to be turned into a Dice. (Legacy strip 4)

Biste's fortunately too arrogant to use Riane in a way other than gameplay. Inter-species relationship type things are usually frowned upon and when it comes around to it, Riane is definitely NOT under his control. At least.. this is in Biste's case.

  • Her Soul Echo says he is not the greatest of lovers. (Legacy, strip 4)
  • First Appeared in AD Day 9, strip 1