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Short Biography


Krystopher Bounty
Short blond hair, brown eyes
Supervisor of the human students at the Academy - especially the lift ones


abducted by AMIB
Gideon (age 9)


Bounty and gideon.gif

Bounty was an ordained preacher,.. but his congregation didn't approve of his association with the demonic hell spawn,... and of course, his bewitched wife. He attempted to get acceptance for Sean and co,.. along with a friend and was kicked out of his own church essentially. So he doesn't call himself a preacher or a priest and he's never been Catholic. Jules is Catholic, Bounty was a charismatic. *No, he does not pick up poisonous snakes. Just makes friends with 'werewolves and stuff.*

You can see how that wouldn't be taken well.. although when he was in college he took long trips to go hunt DOWN rogue Cyantians on Earth on the weekends and during the summer, being paid quite a bit to do it to fund his seminary education and being told that they were essentially... dangerous mythical beasts that needed to be killed. He thought he was doing them a favor by sending them back to where they came from and wound up in an interesting situation working for a very bad guy who was having 'issues' with Cyantians coming after him. Thanks to Rama he spent the summer tailing Darius, who had NOTHING to do with that, trying to kill him. Thing is... previously he was hunting creatures that were unable to speak English so all their talking was gibberish,...until he got Darius.

Bounty was married to one of those who was abducted by the AMIB. They have a son who's the youngest human on the station, Gideon, he's only 9. There's a movement to get all the humans to the mars academy.


  • First appeared in No Angel with his son stopping Evien and Charlene from starting a fight with Dallas after he antagonized them by calling them 'Lift Snobs'. (No Angel, strip 100)
  • Has the habit of asking everyone he meets for the first time if they've been saved and accepted Jesus into their life. (No Angel, strip 102)
  • The best human Lift pilot and head trainer at [[Mars Academy Data|Mars Academy]. (No Angel, strip 103)
  • He used to be a preacher, and his wife is being held by the AMIB for being part of the North America Project, he doesn't know where. Ended up on Mars as a result of when he tracked down Darius down on Earth and tried to kill him. (No Angel, strip 103)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari in D-L-V-R-Y present at the birth of Tamera's kits. (Campus Safari, strip 401) They wanted him there as a substitute witness for a fox religious order since they were both raised on Earth. (Campus Safari, strip 404)
  • He assisted with the birth of her golden female kit. (Campus Safari, strip 412)
  • This would reawaken an urge to head back to Earth to find his missing wife. (Campus Safari, strip 413) Darius would refuse to let him go due to a lack of adult humans on Mars (20 young humans, mostly orphans, 4 adults), (Campus Safari, strip 414) and that he had already sent 2 teams to look for her and others. (Campus Safari, strip 415)
  • Thinks Darwin is a good kid, but going to make him grey before his time. (Campus Safari, strip 417)


New Mexico, a land of secrets and mysteries. Most of which were discounted as folklore and myth. To the general people, it was a way to make their living in an arid region. Sightseers, believers and fanatics would come in droves to Roswell, but there was nothing to support the stories. At least, there was nothing.

A lone figure wearing a beat up leather jacket and jeans trudged his way through the desert. His destination wasn't far now and the fires that had illuminated the night sky had slowly dwindled to smoke against the rising sun. He'd been traveling all night on his motorcycle, the one that had just decided it had gone its last mile, and now he was almost there. Krystophyr Bounty, a local priest. That's what he called himself and that's the life he'd led for some years now, but this was also a part of it. His blonde hair was cropped short and his brown eyes burned with intensity. This couldn't have happened. Not here, not now. They had come so far.

But it was there. He slowed upon reaching the crater's lip, climbing quickly up the side to stare down into a wasteland of charred earth,... and bodies. Numerous bodies, burned beyond recognition, twisted and entangled with one another. Bounty didn't know exactly what had occured, but he had a few thoughts on it.

There was a small ship, barely the size of a midsized car and a large grotesque form burned to the seat, half in, half out of the ship. A very human skeleton was entwined with it in a death lock. Bounty sighed and shielded his eyes against the sun, looking. As far as he could see, no-one had survived.

And then he noted more coming. Like him, they'd heard the message, but they were unable to make it in time to help. They would be grieving over the loss of life, but at the same time, relieved that they still had theirs. Bounty counted. Six, seven,.. eight. None of them he really knew. They'd been slow because they were the youngest. They were also not on his side. And then one dropped from the sky upon crimson wings, landing near the ship.

Sean was breathing hard from exertion, having pushed himself hard to get here under his own power. They'd never shown him how to fly the craft and driving a car was next to impossible when you had to accomodate wings, and flying was faster anyway.

"Trent!" He gasped, kneeling forward to touch the skeleton nearest the creature. The bones immediately crumbled to ash, wafting away in a gentle breeze. Disaster. Friends,... all gone in an instant and where had he been? Watching a movie.

The others gathered on the lip of the crater, staring down into it in disbelief. These were no friends of Sean's, or Bounty's. They were the wayward mentals and now, their greatest opponents had been crushed, along with all of their leaders, save one.

"Hey, Birdboy!" A form in black stood nearby, fists clenched at his sides and long white hair stirring about slowly in the breeze as though it had a life of its own.

Sean felt his heart almost stop at the voice, one that was much too familiar to him. Nightside, as he called himself, a bully in his youth and now an ambitious force to be feared. "... what do you want?"

"I see that Trent fell to the friend I summoned, along with all of your associates. I suppose there is no longer a 'team' is there? Where will you go?" His tone was smooth, laced with the sneer that crossed his face. Nightside's ice cold blue eyes scanned over Sean and through him, mentally probing.

"You did this?" Sean turned upon the taller man, his wings sweeping back in agitation, "You killed them all!"

Nightside tilted his head slightly, staring at him, "I cannot take all the blame, it seems that Trent is the one who took them all, ... just to take out my one pawn. A king, his bishops, queen,... all for one little pawn."

Bounty turned, hearing the ominous roar of something on coming. His eyes widened and he quickly searched his pockets. They were going to have to get out of here immediately and if he could, he'd bring Sean with him. "Sean!! It's me, Bounty, you better get up here, NOW! Forget about Nightside! We have more trouble coming our way!"

Sean heard Bounty, but continued glaring at Nightside, fighting back the surge of rage that was overtaking his remorse. "You killed them! It's a lie, Trent would never endanger us!" By now, the others on the craters lip had noted the cloud of dust. Vehicles, many of them. The cleanup was coming and with them, the AMIB. One by one, the figures vanished, not a one saying a word although exchanging frightened looks. For as unique and powerful as they were, they would not mess with the AMIB who never held back,... and rarely took a prisoner without killing them first.

Bounty slid down the inside of the crater, running toward Sean. Stupid kid, he's going to get captured!

Nightside chuckled, turned slightly toward Bounty, "Oh,... I see the 'priest' is coming to save you. Too bad,... so sad." Nightside backed away his tone ringing down to a singsong mockery toward the boy before him. "Run along home where it's safe, oh wait, you don't really have a home anymore do you,... I took care of that."

"Sean!" Bounty yelled, this time catching his attention. He had to wait for Nightside to leave, otherwise, he might follow them and he didn't have a wish to unleash that nightmare among friends.

"This, is not over,..." Sean backed away, "I will see you again,... and then,.."

"Sean!" The helicopters had arrived, black and silent on the wings of death. The rounds were loading with audible clicks and a second later, they opened fire. Nightside vanished. Bounty tackled Sean, thrusting his right hand out with a small device, a round black disc with a single button.

Light exploded around them for an instant and then, they were gone, through a one way portal of escape, followed by the searing heat of rounds exploding where they had been. Nightside, watching from a distance, chuckled to himself. "So much for idle threats birdboy,... it seems that the AMIB have finished the job and I'm free to do as I wish without your meddling." Nightside vanished.

  • Minor note: Yes I DO know that Roswell is in New Mexico and Area 51 is in Nevada, but I... forgot while I was writing it. Events occur as such, crash landing in Roswell, craft taken to Area 51, but it culminates outside of Roswell, to be explained in the future No Angel strips.