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Short Biography


Braedon Brancusi
Human form - pale skin, long red scraggly hair / Wolf form - BIG and black, white underside, brown circles around eyes
Found in 
New Jersey


Known Characteristics

  • Has a fondness for hot links. (No Angel, strip 247)
  • His thoughts randomly turn to popcorn. (No Angel, strip 230)
  • Is claustrophobic and afraid of the dark. (No Angel, strip 290)
  • He's not all there, but he's NOT crazy. Disturbed, yes.
  • He's one of the few that actually ended up not being lost. He wound up with his father, which was good for him, but due to situations behind his control -AMIB- he's been hiding out for a good couple of years and not nearly as well off as Saige, Velour or Twinky. So, he's pretty messed up from that time.
  • Jules, Stephen and Sean are the first people he's actually spoken to in years. His speech is a bit messed up too. Understandable.
  • Braedon also just doesn't want to get himself or the others hurt unnecessarily. He doesn't like to fight, but can if he must. (No Angel, strip 256) Braedon would really rather run than fight.

Hybrid Abilities

  • His wolf form is a good six to seven feet at the shoulder.
  • Braedon shifts primarily from human directly into hulking T4 level slightly anthro wolf, equivalent to Twinky's T4. The reason is, ... he's obsessed with werewolves and he's never seen a reason to look any other way. He's also one that doesn't believe the hybrid origin story. Human-T4-T5-Excessively large snarly wolf,... but because he thinks he's really A WEREWOLF, he also thinks he's supernatural and therefore, inexhaustible... unlike the others who have mentally restrained their abilities. He's the only one that never runs out of energy when it's needed.

Girl Issues

  • Braedon LIKES being glomped.
  • Braedon likes red ribbons.
  • He feels little bit of humiliation is definitely worth any attention from a girl.
  • He enjoys being a bishounen.
  • Doesn't like being indecent in front of a lady. (No Angel, strip 195)(No Angel strip 343)


  • First appeared in No Angel in wolf form trying to fight off three Koyoti who were attacking him while he was caught in a trap (No Angel, strip 176) which involved a rope nearly strangling him around the neck (No Angel, strip 183) and a steel trap on his leg. (No Angel, strip 185) Sean chased them off and released him from the trap.
    • The Koyoti didn't set the trap, merely found him before he could get out of it. (No Angel, strip 244)
    • He was fleeing from someone who would kill him if she found him. (No Angel, strip 189)
    • Wishes to go with Stephen and Sean when their friends come to rescue them. (No Angel, strip 243)
  • Claims to have sinus issues and be allergic to grass (being even more sensitive in wolf form) and his own fur. (No Angel, strip 197)
  • Freaks himself out knowing he's a werewolf, but accepts it and moves on. (No Angel, strip 233)
  • Does not like it when others do things 'for his own good'. (No Angel, strip 227)
  • Appreciates a good bath. (No Angel, strip 337)
  • Was originally going to be named Braedon (or Bradeon) Yui and be Japanese, but Syke decided she didn't like it.
  • He'll eat anything you give him. (You can't imagine the things he's eaten.)
  • If given the opportunity, he will put soy sauce and/or wasabi on everything... EVERYTHING.