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Short Biography


Black female - originally wingless


Tobe, Cirv, and Saed


  • Main character from the 'How Shivae Got Their Wings' story. (Cler, strip 64)
  • Didn't like playing with other Shivae (Cler, strip 66) or getting dirty (Cler, strip 81)
  • Fascinated with birds and the sky (Cler, strip 65)
  • Ran away (Cler, strip 67) - met the Creator who gave her wings. (Cler, strip 72) She had to learn how to use them however. (Cler, strip 78)
  • After gaining flight and being left alone, she decided she wanted to play with others, (Cler, strip 82) and enjoyed it once she tried. (Cler, strip 84)
  • After spending time with others, she decided to ask the Creator to let others have wings too. (Cler, strip 87) He agreed, but so only those who really wanted them would gain them, he told her she must give a wing feather from her own wings to each who wanted the gift, and they must keep the single feather until first light. (Cler, strip 90)
  • Though she feared losing flight if she gave all her feathers away, she gave a wing feather to every Shivae who wanted one (Cler, strip 93)- those who kept it until morning, then all day and night until the morning after gained wings, as well as Caedi's wings re-feathering. (Cler, strip 96) It ended up that the ones who needed wings most were the ones who received them. (Cler, strip 97)

  • Secondary character in the 'Color Story' (Vas, strip 21)
  • Caedi is often the center of Shivae stories told by Shivae. She was the first Shivae with wings!