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Comic: Cafe Anime
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Description of Cafe Anime

Cafe Anime is a humorous strip that takes characters out of their normal strips. It centers around Sasha Cole from Pure, Chelsea Reid from Alien Dice, and Jules from Campus Safari and No Angel (although her last name is Torres instead of Martinez), whose respective story-lines never existed, and are instead friends with each other, living together, dealing in depth with their everyday lives, such as Jules' coffee addiction. It has a few one page gags before starting into a longer storyline involving the closing down of their favorite coffee shop and its replacement with a shop that sells coffee flavored hot chocolate. The shop is staffed by Sean, Lexx, and Blake - who all look like average humans and lack the blue skin, wings, and such found in their normal strips. It is revealed that the shop is secretly run by a non-anthro two-tailed black fox (kitsune?) named Kamira and a non-anthro red pig named Mika who are running an experiment on fate and attraction by introducing characters from the girls dreams brought to life by the ADC (originally as part of the Echo Project - entertainment that took receptive humans into a dreaming reality that they wouldn't remember most of the time, like the rush of images you get right before you wake up that you can't really see. The ADC records them, edits them, then broadcasts the results, and don't consider it stealing since without their input the dreamer wouldn't have the dreams.) and provided as free labor - provided they broadcast the results of the manipulated dreams. Braedon later arrived in a cloud of hair, and the girls met the guys. It was revealed that the guys were all sharing a loft above the shop that was previously used as a study room. Since it's a small room, Lexx joked that Braedon should sleep on the roof, much to Braedon's dismay (as he took it seriously).

  • This should be considered a side comic, not a *feature* since it's made up of characters from other stories.
  • Although this Lexx likes to cook, he feels disgust sometimes when using eggs... possibly from his alter's aversion to 'natural' foods.

Trivia: Syke claims to hate coffee, but love the smell of it; possibly a reason for the importance of the smell of coffee within Cafe Anime.

Current status

In March 2006 the series was put on hiatus due to time constraints. In September 2006 the series was started again, reposting the previous strips, but this time in color. In November 2006 it went on hiatus again. It returned in September of 2008, putting up the last of the recolors, to be followed by new pages. It will return to black and white once enough color strips are up to fill a comic.