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Short Biography


Caiden of Nidae (Cler, strip 41)
Blue winged male with a pale underside, blue eyes


Potential Mate 


  • First appeared in Shivae! introducing himself and his brother Jesk to Koel and Mura. (Cler, strip 40)
  • Caiden is a young shivae male who's on a quest to find a mate. He hasn't had a lot of luck on his quest with his clutchmate Jesk. The clan they ran into before meeting Koel and Mura waited for them to make a kill, then refused them as mates for their daughters and took the kill by force, leaving Caiden wounded. (Cler, strip 42)
  • Interested in Koel as a mate, he accompanied her on her journey to the Meeting Trees. (Cler, strip 46)
  • Depends on his wings too much, and has sensitive feet (Cler, strip 49)
  • He is allowed to join the family and den with Koel as a potential mate until Rill fully approves of him as a good provider and a good match, while also learning to raise chicks. (Cler, strip 153) Duske and Rill left them in charge of the chicks while they hunted, but being tired themselves from hunting swingers in the night (Cler, strip 153) he told the chicks to go play on the ledge. (Cler, strip 154) The chicks eagerly took to the idea, (Cler, strip 155) but unfortunately, Zaya and Cler fell off the ledge and became lost. (Cler, strip 160) He was frantically searching for them, fearing Koel's parents would drive him away or worse if they remain lost. (Cler, strip 172)
  • Upon finding a Whip trying to drag out 'prey' from where the chicks landed, he launched an attack in an attempt to drive it away. (Cler, strip 183) Unfortunately, poor Caiden had no clue how to fight a Whip and missed his chance for a killing blow or even a seriously injuring one. Zaya didn't exactly help by distracting his attention away from the Whip, (Cler, strip 186) who seized the opportunity to tear off his arm in the process of killing him. (Cler, strip 187) Fortunately Duske and Rill charged in, killed the whip, and began treating his injuries. (Cler, strip 192)
  • Juran would have the Digni treat his injuries as thanks for saving her daughter Meama from the whip. (Cler, strip 208) They would put on mark on his left flank for some reason though. (Cler, strip 212)
  • Felt Koel should leave him, since her father would never accept him after all that happened, and he should be left to die. (Cler, strip 215)
    • His healing would not come easy, leaving him feverish and wracked with nightmares. (Caiden and Koel, strip 1)