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Short Biography


Almost as tall as Cilke, white face with a black marking on her nose, long blond hair with black streaks, blue eyes, black arms with white hands and feet, mostly black tail with two broken lines of orange running down them (although Syke may have shifted the black to another color now)
Servant to Rama (Campus Safari, strip 258)


Chatin, Cilke, Cisco, Cam, Carrde


  • First appeared dancing in Genoworks Saga (Genoworks Saga, strip 13)
  • Has a grudge against Chatin, openly voicing Chatin was a klutz and she hoped Chatin would be moved to the worker classes. (Genoworks Saga, strip 15)
  • She's at the bottom of the class in marks, but doesn't care because she believes beauty and grace are all that's important to get a good position. (Genoworks Saga, strip 16)
  • Tried insulting Cilke for also scoring low, not being pretty and graceful, and being too tall, and probably going to be used by the militia... Cilke brushed her off. (Genoworks Saga, strip 17)
  • Felt she would be important someday, and the rest would regret how they've treated her. (Genoworks Saga, strip 18)
  • When she heard that Chatin, Cilke, and Cisco were being left behind while they went to Avistary, she assumed that it was because she was better than they were (Genoworks Saga, strip 32) (when in fact, they were left behind because the opposite was true.) (Genoworks Saga, strip 31)

  • First introduced Campus Safari 2.0 by passersby commenting on her scent as something cloaked moved around. (CS2, Chapter 6, strip 6) First seen delivering to Rama the scent inhibitors he wanted and removing a cloaking suit. (CS2, Chapter 6, strip 8)
    • Suggestions they may have a more... personal relationship, as he snuggles against her commenting he doesn't mind smelling like her, and she seems happy at the idea. (CS2, Chapter 6, strip 9)

  • Her name is pronounced KAL-ee.
  • Graceful, a talented dancer, she looked forward to becoming living art one day.
  • Enjoyed picking on Chatin for not being as graceful as she was - so was disliked by Cilke.
  • Was taken with EG when they changed headquarters from Fox Lands to Avistary.
  • Sold to Rama at the age of seven, and is treated well by him.