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Comic: Campus Safari
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Campus Safari

1998 - Present


Campus Safari is set on present time, which follows after the Satin and Silk storyline. In this arc Cyantians have set up a colony and academy on Mars. The headmaster of Mars Academy is Darius.

Campus Safari is a sci-fi fantasy which primarily concerns anthropomorphic characters, that is, animals with human characteristics. The time frame is current day and they're attempting in a very messed up manner, to make contact with humanity (Nevermind that they have constantly screwed up in their efforts and everything they do looks like an act of war, from rescuing human friends from the isolationist AMIB to taken over the planets of Mars and Venus to terraform into livable conditions WITHOUT the humans knowing and then establishing a base/Academy on Mars.

The story mainly concerns the faculty of the Mars Academy and how they deal with daily live and loves... or rather, trying to escape it.

It has currently merged with Cesillee's Diary and more comedic, although the events may no longer be official.

The setting is at the Mars Academy, where Cyantians and Terrans mix, mingle, and attempt to get an education in Cyantian Technology appropriate for export to Terra. Located on Mars, the Campus itself in mostly below ground for Meteorite least until there is enough atmosphere generated to burn them up before they strike the surface. There are also plans underway to create a strong magnetic field around Mars to deflect solar flares away from the planet protecting it the same way that Earth (Terra) is protected. Until both goals are met, the Academy will resemble a Bunker complex more than a College (further making it seem like a Military, rather than a Scholastic complex).

It is also a Major trans-shipment point for secret shipments of Terran freight, such as Cd's, canned and frozen food, Video games, Fabrics, and the occasional Terran Student, from Earth to either Mars or Cyantia. There is a small but well frequented shopping mall at the Academy with products from both worlds available for sale. While the idea was to create a market for goods from both worlds, until Contact is made; trade is minimal and more like smuggling than actual trade. Still, they manage to import enough material for certain Earth brands to have become recognized both on Mars and Cyantia.

It is currently on hiatus to prevent current actions from hampering what will happen in Akaelae (which occurs in the characters' past), and strips prior to 2/2/06 may be rewritten as a result due to Campus Safari's start without scripts.

At the moment, Campus Safari IS complete – but there will be more. A LOT more.

It will also be in a different archive so that I can preserve this one for those who want to read it. I know there are a lot of errors in the original comics, including SIZES. They were redone for print, but never put online. I’m going to leave them that way even though they do mess up the orientation on some pages. Reducing them will make them completely unreadable.

My plans are to open a new archive in the future for Campus Safari, which will go back MUCH further, all the way back to Cyantia and classes on the ship itself. I will likely be rewriting a few ‘minor’ items in the current history to make more sense, replacing a few old comics. Keep in mind that when I did the original comics, I scripted the comic and did it in the same day with the barest of outlines. I’m amazed I don’t have more plot holes as it is!!

The rewrite that I intend to do is so that the entire group ends up ON the academy ship as it LEAVES and are not traveling after the fact. That way, you will have the full cast from the start! And… see the horrors of events going into play from the start. ;) There will still be comedy, but there is an event that must be witnessed to move other events in the future. The majority, actually, pretty much everything else, will be the same and not replaced. I will likely completely skip over this entire area timewise and start where we left off when I get to that point.