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1 chapter, complete

Origin story for Altered States

Prince Cass Madru Ksara of the house of Nidam heads to a mounty gathering at the insistance of his father to seek a wife, where he meets a male ram named Raume. He ends up discussing a past encounter with a scythetail. Not wanting a wife, Cass decides to sneak out early and dons a dress as a disguise, then runs into Raume. Not wanting to reveal himself, he claims to be Cassandra and a sister to Cass. Raume drags him to the party and begins to fall for her. Raume reveals that he is half rabbit, then recalls a past incident where he saved a female rabbit from a scythetail, in an incident similar to Cass'. Cassandra later reveals himself as Cass to Raume, and that he was the rabbit Raume had saved, but his father, convinced he was a son and not a daughter, had the doctors' remove all her female attributes after the scythetail attack. Cass then heads home.