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Chill, Justice
A slimmer framed man in a red, white, and blue uniform, covered with a lab coat.

  • Was brought in by Primrose once it was discovered Lexx could walk through walls. (AD Day 27, strip 122)
  • First appeared in Alien Dice entering the quarantine facility of the ERA (AD Day 27, strip 125)
  • Almost as strong as Justice, though can't fly or move as fast. (AD Day 27, strip 134)
  • Castle’s actually a nice down to Earth type who has tea parties at children’s hospitals with sick kids. He gives away most of his pay and is far more liked than Justice.
  • His parents are a doctor and a teacher. He would have liked to have changed lives as a doctor or a teacher, but he's too popular to ever be a teacher and his abilities make him unsuited to being a doctor. They have severe drawbacks equal to every ability. The more Tiffany talks about Castle, the more she like him, even though he did not exist prior to this scripting. Justice and Chill did. He didn’t. Castle is powerful, but the cost is that he's not precise, has tremors in his hands, and uncontrollable minor physical ticks when not moving. Everything typed concerning him is character creation on the fly and set in stone... for him.

  • They tend to be just like real people and like getting paid... and selling advertisements on their uniforms. Castle had an argument with his handler and to spite him, snagged a lab coat to cover his. He'd rather be back in his city pent house. Those advertisements, they pay their salary and go into a fund to repair any property they might damage. So they have an incentive NOT TO DESTROY ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS.
  • They haven't interfered before because they're greedy and stick to cities and only do things they get paid for.
  • The only reason they have so much thought put into them is because they are part of another comic that Tiffany's been working on for years that she's never had time to work on.