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Comic: Abby's Agency
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Abby's Agency is a collaborative project that began initially for newspaper publication through the now defunct Keen Syndicate. It's a comedic comic in the traditional sense of the format that explores the inner workings of a spy organization and their day to day routine... surprisingly, their workplace looks more familiar than one would think.

Abby's Agency is a departure from the standard GNIPs associated with Shivae Studios. It is a joint project with Mark Mekkes who also does Zortic Mark serves as the writer of good jokes, while Tiffany/Syke illustrates the comic and offers thoughts and random assistance. This comic was being run in the Turlock Journal in California twice a week.

Abby's Agency deals with the ins and outs of a Secret Spy organization in which the primary character is Abby, a receptionist who never thought she would end up in such a secretive job and currently wondering how it remains a secret.

  • Abby begins her job at World Star Agency and finds things not to be quite what she's seen in the movies or on tv.
  • The creators of Alien Dice and Zortic are coming down to Earth to bring you the strangest and most alien environment of all… A corporate office! And not just any corporate office, but a worldwide espionage organization working for the betterment of mankind and a decent healthcare option. Abby's Agency tells the story of the people you don't normally see in the stealth community; the people behind the scenes, the support staff, in short… the hourlys.


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