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Alien Dice


Alien Dice is a science fiction/fantasy that began in March of 2001. AD takes place on Earth, present day. It follows Lexx, a Rishan male who has been 'drafted' into a game he was volunteered for by the virtue of being an orphan. He's on the last segment of his game and only a breath away from freedom, only now... he's picked up the unexpected.

Specifically, a very outspoken human female named Chel. You know how it goes: guy steals cat, girl shoots guy, guy makes deal to take girl with him so she won't hurt him again. Just one more complication... 9 days and he's already in love.


Chelsea Reid is a college student on summer break who had no idea what she was getting herself into when she opened the door and let her cat in on a stormy night so many days ago. What came in was a cat, her cat and not. What followed was even more bizarre and truly alien. A blue skinned alien named Lexx broke in attempting to reclaim his game piece, the cat. Reluctant to take the cat by force, he made a deal in which Chel agreed to loan him the cat if she could come along to see the space ship. Thus began Chel's introduction to the elaborate game known as "Alien Dice". It's a game more complex than it initially appears. Animals are bonded to 'Dice' and uplifted with unnatural intelligence and abilities to fight and capture others of their kind or merely to entertain their masters. Or at least that was how the game was described to Chel...

As she learns more about Lexx and the Galactic civilization unknown to most earthlings, as well as more of what the game is really about, they find themselves strongly attracted to each other. Both are wise enough about their sexuality not to immediately reveal their romantic feelings, but as they both search their own hearts while the story progresses, the question gradually becomes not if, but when they should they reveal their love. Meanwhile, it is not at all certain whether Lexx can remain alive long enough to make the question relevant.

And then there's the matter of Chel's alien-hunting parents coming into the picture...

Summary by Syke

Welcome to the world of Alien Dice,

I've put together this personal letter just for new readers or old readers who want a summary of what has happened thus far. First of all, I want to stress that this is what I refer to as a GNIP, a graphic novel in progress. It will go on for years, but the story will have an actual conclusion, unlike standard television programming or comic books that continue on and on into eternity. You will also notice that there is a lot of text under each strip in the archives. The reason for this is that aside from the graphical comic images, there is a COMPLETE novelized version of the story. Some might wonder what the point of that is. Well, it cuts down on my needing to take up tons of strip time for internal monologue and allows you to see more than what can be shown in an image. For people who don't like to read, you don't have to read the text to follow the story. The story is the same in both, although there are small bits of extras in the text.

Now, on to the actual world of Alien Dice. Alien Dice is set in a current time, but I will not date myself by mentioning any firm years due to the first 9 days taking a full year and a half to go through.

Chelsea Reid is a sophomore in college, studying biology and home for the summer. While she may come across as the average girl next door at first, she is anything but. She's opinionated, a bit too eager to jump to conclusions and most of the time, quick to voice her opinions. While relaxing at home on a dark, stormy night, she hears what she thinks is the kitten she let out earlier, Mittens, scratching at the door. She opens the door to find a kitten... but not her Mittens. It's an odd kitten with two tails that looks a LOT like Mittens, but couldn't possibly be the same.

As part of the game known as Alien Dice, objects known simply as Dice are scattered around an alien planet and bond to non sentient lifeforms. This happened to Mittens and the memories of the Dice's original creature as well as all of it's abilities have now merged with that of Chel's kitten. Along with the Dice comes the player, Shira Lexx.

Lexx is of a race called the Rishan, a race originally created to be slaves. He has had a less than pleasant life and would just like to get his Dice and leave,... but Chel has other plans and he ends up taking her along with him. At first, he treats her as an object, but then as things move forward and secrets are revealed, he begins to see her as an actual person.

Lexx has a long record of distancing himself from others because of a general distrust of others and the fact that it's safer to keep everyone away from him, to not be friendly, because all relationships end in disaster and all are a disappointment. Despite this,... Lexx does keep ONE really good friend, a Littan named Riley, and several casual acquaintance who are more friends through their own persistence than Lexx wants.

As it turns out,... there are more levels to Alien Dice than just the non sentient dice. Lexx is what is known as an indentured player. He's on a contract to play and complete three sets of Alien Dice before he himself is beaten and captured. This is his third set,... and everything is now,.. going wrong.

Lexx has made friends with Chel and has obviously fallen in love with her. Chel is a bit more tentative in their relationship, choosing to keep Lexx close as a friend, but resisting his attempts to go further. She is outspoken about Lexx not thinking of her as anything other than a friend. She doesn't want to hurt him.

Alien Dice is basically an adventure geared toward both a male and female crowd. There's a little bit of everything in it, from comedy to romance. (I will point out, romance to me does not mean gratuitous sex. I see no need to show more than what needs to be shown. Mature themes abound, along with violence. This is not a manga meant for children. All of my mangas hover around a PG-13.) And before people get nit-picky my use of the word, manga, is more for the literal meaning, a comic, and a little more, a comic inspired by Japanese storytelling. So I will refer to it as a manga.

Main characters

  • AD: C.U.T is the current title for what will replace Alien Dice when it ends. C.U.T – Cryptozoology and Undiscovered Things Department