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This page lists all starships known from the Alien Dice storyline.

They are not afraid of being spotted around Earth. All game ships are outfitted with special cloaking devices that elude most primitive scanning equipment. (AD Day 19, strip 32) Some scientists would probably be attempting to decipher quite a few anomalies in transmissions, empty spots in the sky and such. By the time they figure it out, they will be gone. (AD Day 19, strip 33)

When engaged in space travel, Day is really a non issue. A third of the crew is on shift, while a third is resting, and another third are 'off', but on call.


"Yes." Lexx went back to entering data into the ship’s computer on a screen touch pad. Chel could barely make out the separate keys and emblems on them, but Lexx didn’t seem to have a problem at all. "Where we’re going, no human has been or even seen."

"In only two hours?" Chel stared at the screen before her, an uneasy feeling building in her stomach as the stars seemed to move, yet there was no sense of movement. The Rift was turning. There wasn’t even the slightest indication of an engine moving it and it just didn’t seem right to Chel to move without feeling the movement. It was almost dizzying.

"While The Rift may not look like much," Lexx smiled and almost proudly went on, "It's still a Class B Star Ship. We can jump over vast areas of empty space and I’m sure you know that space is mostly… space."

Chel nodded, "Yeah,… but what do you mean jump?"

"To put it simply, we move really fast. I have to send out a tracer to make sure no other ship’s get in the way, in case you’re wondering." Lexx pressed a flashing button and without warning the stars blurred and vanished, "We’ll be doing quite a few of these to get there, that’s how far it is, but we can go just about anywhere in the universe that we need to get to in hours." (AD, Day 6, strip 11)

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