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  • The Architects, are also known by those on Earth as Greys. They have an unusual voice that echoed through the room and possibly into everyone's minds as they could not tell where the voice was coming from. It was a clear voice, not at all unpleasant or intrusive, but carrying a strong air of dignity and a touch of arrogance. (AD Day 25, strip 85)
    • They are telepathic. (AD Day 25, strip 87)
    • These are your typical, every day greys that we know and love and have been used all over the place because they’re convenient, familiar… and scary. When you do see them from the front, they have eye shields that protect their eyes from the light.
  • Designed the Nanites, and do not frequent our galaxy. The core technology was stolen by the ADC and abused. We were gifted a less broad nanite technology for use in healing, which is how the ADC learned it existed. They did not approve and no longer have contact with any of us. (AD Day 25, strip 19)
  • When Lexx was suffering from Nanite poisoning, they decided to come and help him. They also have transporters. (AD day 25, strip 86)
    • They would tell everyone present not to tell anyone what they had seen, as they were completely blocking the ADC from seeing any of what they were doing, and wanted to keep the ADC unaware of their presence. (AD day 25, strip 88) They would scan Lexx and remove all his nanites to undo what had been done to him. (AD day 25, strip 91) Their gifts had been abused, and they were rectifying that error by correcting the bad coding, (AD Day 25, strip 92) and deleting the Bad Code. (AD Day 25, strip 94) They noticed Sicali Riane, but left her as they did not have the expertise to replace Soul Echoes. (AD Day 25, strip 95)
    • Although they were planning to fix Lexx before this situation came up, they weren't planning on telling him before doing so, considering gifts to be best given as surprises. (AD Day 25, strip 103)
  • Have apparently spent much time visiting Earth, as Victor Reid instantly recognized their ship. (A massive ship filled the view window as though it had appeared from the empty space surrounding it. Black metal shielding covered the ship in a seamless spread that stretched back thousands of feet. Large luminous circles adorned the edge nearest them, casting a blue glow over the black metal and making the shape discernible. It was a familiar triangle, which Vic had written down in many reports and had seen thousands of eyewitness drawings of. There were stacks of boxes containing the containing folders, but Vic had never seen any real evidence of them himself. A chill went up his back. For a simple reason, even though he was in a ship full of aliens, seeing this ship was actually frightening. It confirmed every horrible report he had ever read associated with them. (AD Day 25, strip 81)
    • It was just like them to not care about the pain that their subjects were enduring. As far as Vic could gather, their bodies had moved so far beyond their natural states, they had lost touch with what it was to experience many more things than simple emotions. If they did not experience pain, they would not fully be able to understand it in another being. (AD Day 25, strip 96)
    • Kade Lanier mentions no one controls the architects. They live by their own rules and it appears they like Humans right now. They enjoy experiments and that's how they view Lexx. An experiment that helped them. (AD Day 25, strip 104)

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