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Calibari are a brontosaurus-looking creature. Neat thing about this creature is that it doesn't breathe through its mouth. They have multiple nasal chambers, but they serve as a way to communicate with their herd. They are actually dry air gill breathers. They have a trio of wide slits on each side of their necks which is where they breathe. They also have two brains, one in their head, and one in their hips, but they're not stupid. They are also terrified of water, due to the possibility that they can drown in it quickly - the 'gills' can close, but they don't hold up well to deep water.

They do sing and make quite a bit of noise in general. The sound also travels very well and would be similar to whale song in some aspects, although sometimes it's out of the range of being heard by anything but them,... such as their alarm songs; don't want predators to know they're alarmed. General warning calls, such as to alert everyone to the presence of an Acid Whip can be quite loud. [1] Calibari are poisonous when eaten raw - and can make the tongue tingle from just licking the skin.[2] The ONLY predator that can tolerate eating them is the Acid Whip. They are their only natural predator, other than cyantians who cook the meat.

Calibari also have a natural fear of heights, almost as great as their fear of deep water. This fear, combined with their substantial size, makes the mythical 'flying calibari' the Cyantian equivalent of flying pigs.

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