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These are the various types of dice used to bond with various lifeforms in the playing of the Alien Dice Game.

Dice, which is, btw, plural and singular in slang as shown by the dictionary, are creatures who are part of a game that is played by the rich all around the galaxy. They’re merely animals with an uplifted intelligence and actual sentience, thus, they ACT like animals, which is a constant factor in the game. Just because the cat talks, doesn’t mean she’s not going to turn around and slap you…

They can be up to 20 sides, each side representing a base level... although the sides don't really matter much once they're bonded to a creature, just the initial toss. Their DNA is completely encoded into compressed data that is stored in the dice. It's like a tiny computer, keeps track of everything about what it is and what it will be, and makes them a lot easier to carry around. (AD, Day 1, strip 27)

Dice are intelligent, but most of them are not very intellectual and the ones that are, are also condescending and like pointing out things. (AD, Day 3, strip 1)

All dice have attributes that enable them to survive in any environment... they just may not like it. Examples are Swim Dice with the ability to hover, or Fire Dice with the ability to swim. (AD, Day 4, strip 7)

Dice can breed. The encoding in the dice saves all of their bonded DNA and actually improves upon it. They can interbreed with any Dice or creature that has at least one matching base. (AD Day 8, strip 21)

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