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Exotica Genoworks is a Cyantian corporation founded in the Fox's nation.

Renowned for their work in the field of genetics and gen-engineering, Exotica is responsible for the creation of the Technofamiliars, Siracs, C-group Skunks and other such "Living Art" creatures.

It has been around for a long time in one form or another, since at least the time of the Shivae! storyline. EG has gone through many hands and fragmented from several other companies that had even worse track records. At the time of Genoworks Saga it split into TWO Exotica Genoworks. The one run by the Foxes who really were making "living art" and the government scientists that invaded them to steal their technology and use it for war. The facilities left in Vixinte are ALL war related after that fact, while the facilities on Avistary are geared for more beneficial work. Family are often hired and many are teachers and trained caregivers who do become a little attached to their charges and often treat them like children. Often, they will adopt and take home older Genoworks cubs who are not considered desirable for whatever reasons. Every engineer is selected for abilities and love of the work in the Avistary facilities/Vixinte prior to the separation. They consider themselves artists and love to create. Engineers in Vixinte post separation are selected for ability and desire to support the crown's goals. They pay anyone who applies and can follow rules to take care of them. [1]

The military wing of Exotica Genoworks did not want their engineers to know that some of their products had different destinies than they originally signed on for. They wanted to create, not destroy or even be involved in destruction. None of the government placed engineers actually worked on ANYTHING. They thought they did, but there was an elaborate system set up so that they were deprived vital information and still had successful projects because they were completed in secret. They were not left with a lot of technology after EG fled with their engineers and workers in secret. They had enough to work out a few of their pet projects over time, but were seriously hampered by the defection. The military wing was forced on the engineers who did the actual work.

They obtained many of the samples used in their creations from Earth. Though the Fox government wasn't interested in Earth, the scientists saw the money in the journey and made multiple trips to obtain samples. Several times a year they would take trips, having access to Gates, but after the Gates are closed, long before the Mars Project, there would be no more trips and are now completely cut off from Earth.

It had at one point contained a Cryogenics division... though the project had been terminated and moved by the time of Genoworks Saga. By that point it had only one subject left... Syrys Akaelae, who was stored there for 400 years as a prisoner of the Ridge Wars, to be studied after interrogation, though they never had the resources to revive and contain him. (Genoworks Saga, strip 29)

In the year 890, tensions between Exotica and The Fox Militia rose to a high, with the militia demanding more of Exotica's products for their own use and more research into military projects such as the psionic-enhanced Siracs - projects that conflicted with the Genoworks creed to create useful lifeforms to enhance life. (Military accounted for 5% of their production before, but it was then upped to 75% - and they demanded a cut of the profits from the remaining 25%) Also despite Genoworks leasing certain areas of the facility to them, they essentially took the entire facility over. (Genoworks Saga, strip 26) After the main facility on Cyantia was destroyed during the escape of some of the military projects, Exotica moved off Cyantia to installations on Avistary which were outside of Fox Jurisdiction. They've since moved their main operations even further away because in the current timeline, the Fox are no longer endorsing genetic manipulation - not after their genetically engineered virus just about killed their entire race. They are especially careful not to be anywhere the Fox militia may have jurisdiction over them.

There's a space station of unknown location out there with a couple hundred scientists making an excellent living still creating 'art', although no longer military models because that's never as popular.

The military claimed only a few of Class B (but none of Class C, (Sink or Swim, strip 271) which probably referred to the Skunks), but wanted half of the Jiliac Experimentals. (Sink or Swim, strip 264)

The products claimed by the militia were often mistreated to make them better fighters, but the worst occurred on their Experimental Floors, where they sent the claimed products whom they declared to dangerous or useless for their purposes. They tested implants on the majority of those sentenced to the Experimental Floor. They injected poisons in some to see how their body would react. They tested biological weapons on them, as well as testing their endurance to heat, cold, and air. (Sink or Swim, strip 300)

It has been hinted at that the military controlled facility was not above experimenting on Fox kits. (Sink or Swim, strip 45)


Exotica treats most of its creations as property, (and intergalactic law classifies them as such (Campus Safari, strip 132)) with each being contracted for 20 years of servitude. Exotica license out these contracts to those who can afford their prices, and at the end of these contracts the being is supposed to be freed, although not required to be paid. Not all owners of the license agree by the terms of the contract though, and Exotica does not have a good record at enforcing the contract (although they do use bounty hunters to retrieve escapees who leave before being turned over to their new 'master'). A well treated creation will often renegotiate their contracts when the first expires.

Each creation is usually taught some sort of 'useful' skill to fall back upon when their contract expires. Each is trained based on unique abilities.

None of the products EG makes is 'related'. Their genetic codes make them each variations of the parents, but far more variant than humans, so that you'd need to inbreed family members for many, many generations before flaws start to show up - although typically family members will not mate. They have lots and lots of variance in their gene pool even with a small number.

Genoworks creations typically have three kits on average per birthing (over half do), with two being second common, four as third, and one as fourth. The larger herbivore/hoofed creations normally have only one however.

To create one they start with a base DNA strand, make a few standard adjustments, and then get creative. (Genoworks Saga, strip 2) All viable embryos are then moved to individual artificial wombs to grow and develop. It takes 2 months to grow to full term. (Genoworks Saga, strip 3) They are then moved to the nursery, where in a matter of months they progress to the equivalent of 2 years, and are then transferred to class units. (Genoworks Saga, strip 4)

They've been working on raising the intelligence of their products so they will be equipped to take care of themselves and excel in their lives after their contract has expired. Most employees consider them to be like their kids, so the buyers don't actually own the products, but rather contract to view and make use of their skills for an average term of 20 years, after which they are to go free and do as they desire. (Genoworks Saga, strip 5)

  • The military branch had less respect for their products however, and was not above using them as test subjects even to their detriment. (Genoworks Saga, strip 8)

They've perfected their accelerated aging process, so there are no development problems in the skeletal area. However, if a bone is broken during this period, serious damage can result and sometimes things go haywire. The accelerated aging does not shorten their lifespan, and in fact keeps them young for twenty years once adult age is reached - this keeps them young looking during their twenty-year contracts.

They use accelerated aging because they wanted products out with a FAST turnaround. A side effect is they unfortunately retain a childlike mentality for a LONG time, which makes them sometimes easier to control.

The chronological to biological looking birth ages are - 1:4, 2:7, 3:10, 4:12, 5:15, 6:18, 7:19. The typical EG product ages at 4 times the normal rate below puberty (between 3-5 years chronological), and then ages at a reduced rate until maturity (chronological age 6-9). Once at maturity, the EG subject will remain at an apparent age of 18-22 for an as yet undefined period. After the period of youthful grace, normal aging resumes.

  • In Genoworks Saga they mention that Chatin and Cilke were aging 3 to 4 times normal rate, while Collin and Quinn being special projects were aging even faster, gaining 10 pounds and several inches in the short time after Syrys Akaelae rescued them, which resulted in them feeling constant growing pains. (Genoworks Saga, strip 180)

They actually create a LOT of projects, but only 50 to 75% of their batches make it out alive, depending on what they're doing to them and which batch it is. *First batches might only have a 5% survival rate.

Genoworks works on a 20 year cycle. The first successful batch, such as the C group of skunks, is the largest, after that, they only make two or three a year, the majority of which are currently 'employed' or in 'school'.

  • The Psycoons were a first batch, there were about six or seven batches actually, which is why they range in age and size, but they put them all together.

There's only a handful of snakes which are Genoworks products, though not 'real' Cyantians at all. Cold blooded creatures were not considered as viable because they could not adapt as well to some environments. There are few, very few, reptile based projects.

Their creations do include avian works of art.

There are a multitude of escaped Exotica creations in the Cyantian universe, the majority of them living in relative safety in the Wolven City-states where they are recognized as being free citizens. However, Exotica has standard rewards for any escapee that is returned into their custody.

It is illegal for any citizen in the Wolven City-states to own an Exotica Genoworks creation.


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