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When the Night falls and the baying begins,
Don't run, get up high. The ground is not safe.
The hounds are hunting and out of their dens.
As long as the sound can be heard above an owl's call,
Don't run, get up high. The ground is not safe.

With gnashing teeth and glowing green eyes,
The hounds they travel leaving death in their wake.
So be quiet, child, and tell no lies,
Because it is you that the hounds might decide,
Are the prey they choose to hunt in the night. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 49)

The wild ones don't bay or harm anyone, it's the 'tame' ones you have to look out for, such as those sent out by Master Caildun. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 51)

They move quickly, and can easily outpace a fast horse. Even with the plated crimson armor plating the 'tamed' ones wear, they travel with ease.

Armor encases Caildun's hounds completely, further adorned with golden trim and steel horns. They were built like tanks, the size of a bull and even more dangerous. They were hoofed creatures and vicious killers when raised solely for the hunt. By nature, they were far more docile and omnivorous, but these were unnaturally raised.

They had been sent out on their usual rounds to look for anything out of the ordinary. Humans they left alone, but everything else was fair game if it didn't get out of their way. Once found, it wasn't the armor, teeth or weight of the hound that were to be worried about, but a powerful swipe of their dual scythe equipped forepaws.

While on all fours for speed, the foot long claws were retracted by folding along the sides of the forefeet. Hounds traveled on their toes, leaving a dual hoofed mark for their forefeet and a four toe padded print from the hind feet. When they fought, they would stand up on two legs, head down to their chest to protect the neck and extend the claws for more reach.

You did not mess with hounds. They were lethal in just one swipe.

The one thing they cannot do is climb. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 58)

A little known fact about hounds and their armor is that two arrows will kill them when shot from behind and above - that's their weakness. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 64)

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