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These are the singers and storytellers of the Cyantians. Their culture revolved around stories and singing tales, their history and fantasy they made up themselves.

At the time of Akaelae their numbers had dwindled to 7 small clans with 20 to 50 members in each, with the cubs being small for their age and the parents in failing health. (Akaelae, strip 185) The Clan leaders had grown old and stubborn, refusing the aid of other races, citing a supposed rape and abduction of their Princess Ineva by a Genoworks Fox 12 rots prior (the engineered Fox-Koyoti hybrid was treated as a slave by the Koyotis until he suddenly vanished). (Akaelae, strip 186)

Feral Koyoti on Earth are fairly aggressive, but won't attack anything that might cause them harm. They have been on Earth much longer than a few years. [1]


The Koyoti are pretty much throwbacks to their ancestors, choosing to follow their instincts over civilization. They have their ways of doing things along the fashion of the Coyote. In their quest to find their roots and who they are, they became tribal in nature and their numbers have decreased over time to dangerous levels.

Their times have come to an end in the way that they know it and they've been squeezed out of their hunting grounds and by technology. Now, they must either join the other races or let their culture completely die out as it was. "Which isn't a bad thing considering how brutal the customs were they devised for survival."

These are the singers and storytellers of the Cyantians. Their culture revolved around stories and singing tales, their history and fantasy they made up themselves. Their native language has a sing-song quality to it.

The Koyoti language is called Kavri.

They're usually good at fixing things and wind up doing a lot of maintenance.

Cubs births usually range one to three, and even numbered birthings are considered cursed. Twins and quadruplets were often killed before their numbers became so decimated that every cub is now important. Identical twins are very rare. The reason why Koyoti do not like twin births is that they feel that the soul is split between two bodies and that should not be. Some tribes believe that one cub should be killed immediately in a twin birth so that the second will have a complete soul. Some believe that both must die. (Oddly.. they think that triplets are not cursed because there are an odd number, like a single birth.)

Most Koyoti clans are monogamous and don't sleep around with different Koyoti that often. There's always a few and they do have venereal diseases. They appear in all of the cultures although less so among the more advanced civilizations for obvious reasons of science and knowledge. To avoid a behavioral disease, you stop the behavior. Koyoti don't know this. They also have other problems with disease and sicknesses due to the sanitation of how they live and lack of knowledge in how they spread. Koyoti come in various tribes and clans, from those that ARE doing well and comparable to smaller settlements of other races, to those that are literally packs of savages just barely removed from being completely feral.

Koyoti consider humans to be demons.

The Koyoti language has six words for death and twenty for life... and no established numerical system since they don't have a use for math being nomadic hunters.

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