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Comic: Sivine Blades
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"Courage is not the absence of fear,... but the knowledge that what needs to be done is more important than fear."

A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure story centering around Sivine, broken into colored arcs of his present, and black and white arcs of his past.

Sivine Blades is a Sci-fi/fantasy. Timeframe is not to be divulged but this one DOES occur on Earth. (Though at first glance the setting seems medieval, there are modern conveniences like light bulbs and microscopes popping up on occassion).

In a time when ogres and dragons roam the Earth; unicorns and angels guard their secret treasures. Mythical creatures are more abundant than humans and humans reside in small villages and grand hidden halls where they practice the arts of a lost age.

And in this time, a strange boy is found who is half serpent. Raised by ogres, then set free and taken to a human home to be raised as one of them, he is an unlikely hero (Aren't they all?) Bearing the same name of the 'Sword that Split the World', the Sivine Blade, it has fallen to him to combine the shards of the shattered blade and open the doors to the past,... as long as two elves, the thieving Genet and ill-fated Troi, don't get him killed first.


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