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This page lists all characters that are humans in the Sivine Blades storyline.

Leilo and Acadiel state that humans despise and fears those that are physically different from them because all humans would be perfect if not for that day, and deformities are a result of it. Those born different are a constant reminder, though there is nothing wrong with them. It's an impression forced on them by 'normal' humans. Different is evil, and it is a result, but not of the parents or those born different, but of the entire human race. Children with almond eyes, silent children, and those that seem possessed of spirits are wanted by none, and often abandoned in the forest or tossed in a river, though they are a gift, not a burden. The almond eyed children are honest and pure, and many never stop being children. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 43)

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