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Oh, there's PLENTY Of people wandering around in the desert and they think that it won't break down because of how strong their people are in the cities. There are tons of scattered towns in the wasteland,.. in Texas. There are also a handful of people like those in the cities,.. but with more of a goal of being gods.. and to be a god, there can't be thousands of gods, but there can be thousands of servants.

In Texas, they let the normal people live normal lives. The people with abilities do not WANT a society with only their kind. The would prefer it is THEM who are the rare kind, but they don't kill their own. They just don't train them and if you're not of the ruling family Dynasty, then if you're caught using your abilities you will be hunted down and killed.

Each citystate in Texas is overseen by a member of the ruling family. Some are reasonably nice, some are cruel, some are jealous of their siblings. They are all more than willing to take in runners from the big cities to add to their numbers.

You think New America's rough,... wait until you see what Texas is like. It's like taking someone out of Amish country and dropping them in the middle of Las Vegas. In all ways.

No cities that the main cities know of. No water. Miles and miles of rolling hills, canyons, barren wilderness devoid of any livable habitation. There were also Horrors that lived in Texas. Skin Thieves, The Wasted, Hyper beasts and Forsaken were abundant in the remote regions. They rarely came near the cities. These were creatures that all children were told about and threatened with if they were not being good.

There were pictures of them, old pictures and drawings, but nothing current. Going to Texas was forbidden amongst the people of New America. It was feared that they would bring back deadly illnesses with them that created these Horrors. Skinners were infected with flesh-eating bacteria that continually ate away at their skin, turning it hard like stone. They had to continually graft skin from healthy humans onto their infected bodies over their joints to keep from being completely paralyzed.

The Wasted were essentially vampires. They sustained themselves on human blood or slowly wasted away and The Forsaken were the children of The Wasted. For some reason, the children did not suffer like The Wasted, but they were never welcome anywhere near any humans. Neither Forsaken nor Wasted killed their victims. Most would recover and be ill for a time.

The Forsaken were raised on blood even though they didn't need it, because that's the way things were. Their eyes were yellow and they glowed in the dark. They were fanged, thin and very sensitive to sunlight and from the stories,� very aggressive and violent from the treatment they often received at the hands of The Wasted. When blood was scarce, The Wasted would turn on The Forsaken and feed on them. The wild children would eventually run and raise themselves once they were able to do so. They were not human in anything other than general appearance.

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