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This category consists of all the various species not part of the 'civilized' Cyantian population... i.e., species that are more likely to be primary characters in strips like Shivae!, and pets in strips like Campus Safari.

The fauna of Cyantia are generally broken into two main categories: the Sentient species (or those whose members can speak), and the Non-Sentient. The categories are not absolute, as many members of the sentient species... especially the prey varieties... are born without the 'stars in their eyes', and are thus non-sentient. Domesticated versions of sentient species, especially if several generations removed from the wild, will also have diminished sentience. Generally non-sentient members of a sentient species are held in lower status by the sentient members, and relegated to the outskirts where the predators will target them before the main herds. Most of the time, the Cyantian animals that can talk, will not attack other animals that talk, unless they are starving, ill or frightened.

Because of this, many herd leaders will make sure the herd does not run off at the first sight of a predator, lest the predator thinks them 'dumb' and hunt the entire herd instead of just individuals. (Vas, strip 337) Their method of hunting IS to chase the ones who run, which is an indication of them not 'understanding' what they’re told. Note... they will only respect this as long as they are not starving and the deer will NOT take chances when the predators look noticeably thinner.

Most varieties of wildlife collect small amounts of native Cyantian metals in their bones through the food chain. For most species the effect of the metal is negligible, save perhaps slightly stronger bones. However, the unique properties of these metals does show its effects in some species, such as making it possible for large species such as Gryphons to fly despite what some would claim as inadequate wingspan, or allowing the Shivae to Go Cold. This unfortunately makes them targets for pirates such as the Irincos who find it easier to harvest the mineral from their bones than mine it.

Severed arteries in Shivae and most other Cyantian animals will clamp shut the moment their blood pressure drops below a certain level to completely cut off bleeding from that area. Of course, the smaller arteries will still bleed slowly.... except the arteries in the neck, which will clamp shut and redirect to lesser arteries. This can be especially bad for prey animals... since they will immediately fall unconscious.

Telepathy's not something active in any of the creatures in Shivae!. Empathy occasionally, even heightened empathy where you know exactly what someone is feeling, but you won't know the details on why they feel that way.

The are various types of flora also mentioned in the strips, although so far none of them have been mentioned as having any sentience.


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