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There are whore houses on Cyantia. There is variation in their social acceptance between different societies, with the Mounties and the Rabbits having a legalised prostitute system similar to Nevada's, whereas the wolves and fox both have it as an illegal trade.

There are registered brothels on the outskirts of Mounty cities full of legal prostitutes. The rabbit societies also have such facilities, where they regulate sex trade as a business. But for the most part, there's enough content out there that concentrates on sex without adding to it. It differs from society to society. Rabbit couples aren't even ALLOWED to get married without living together and having sex first in some cultures. The koyoti are very free about it.. which has contributed to their decline in numbers through disease.

Nicknames the Mounties give their "houses of ill repute" include Cathouses and Litterboxes, though they usually just refer to them as the usual, brothel.