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Centralis is a tiered Wolven city. By tiered, there are sections of the city that rise up on poles like petals on a flower for about six levels. The problem is with the area at the BASE of the poles, which never see sunlight because of the orientation of the upper discs, which are set to not block out light for the levels. They can fly and some levels actually do regularly act as transports to other cities. They're essentially cities on their own.

  • A view of the city can be seen in Akaelae, strip 179.

There is a Court of Elders which oversees the City-State. (Darius, strip 4)

Entire community disks can be moved if necessary, such as during heavy rains which can remove all the topsoil. (Akaelae, strip 476)

The city has levels with extensions of more city areas like the spire that Darius' little mini-city is on. The land around the city is also populated with the densest concentration being in the center of the city. It's about twenty times the size of New York City, and goes above and BENEATH the ground. Also, a good deal of the population commutes in shifts to do agricultural work and other such things. Centralis has a very efficient public transportation system that is always going at all times because a normal work-shift is different for Cyantians. Very often, what they consider average would be working a part of the night and a part of the day. Unlike around here... all the important stuff doesn't close at 5pm . It's always open. Vacationing is also done on the seaside area of Centralis. Centralis is located in a huge valley between the sea and a large chain of mountains. They have extremely developed methods of agriculture that allow them to raise much more food and animals on smaller areas of land than human agriculture can even imagine... plus... Cyantians eat differently. They tend to eat light in the mornings, heavy at lunchtime and light at dinner on average. You'll note that there are few fat Cyantians.

They have very, very low crime rates in the upper levels and their most valuable items are kept in safe places or are too big to carry off. As a result, many residences have automatic doors with no security, and don't lock their doors when they leave. (Akaelae, strip 151)

There are no visible trash bins anywhere outside. (Akaelae, strip 150)

The various levels are connected by 'Vertical Rails' or 'Vertrans' - trans that travel at high speeds up and down the levels. (Akaelae, strip 180) From there Minitrans take you to the various places on each level, such as Akaelae Towers which is located on the fourth level. (Akaelae, strip 182)

Travel between Centralis and surrounding areas, such as the academies, often involve the uses of Transtations. TranStations are their mass transit centers. Transports come in and out of them like trains, going in all directions.

The first Centralis was built on the ruins of the Rumuah landing.