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Comic: Cesilee's Diary
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Cesilee doesn't like it when people read her diary. Unfortunately, she has nosy, well meaning roommates who are slightly disturbed by her entries. It would seem that Cesilee, a mounty of Ocelot and Puma descent, has a crush - on a human. And not just on any human, but one who likes all of the different kinds of Cyantians, except - cats. And then, there are Cesilee's Roommates, the amorous lioness, Ness and the technomage mouse, Phoenix, who also has the responsibility of tutoring Marcus in the arts of being a technomage with his own technofamiliar, A troublesome gryphon who wants nothing more than to simply cause trouble. Cesilee's Diary began in 2001 as a filler for the primary Cyantian Chronicles comic - Campus Safari - and was an immediate hit with the readers who demanded more. It was never intended as anything more than a filler, but began updating regularly in 2004.

This is a comedic non-canon sidestory to the events in Campus Safari. It revolves around a young Ocelot named Cesilee and her obsession with humans in general and Marcus in particular. It later was renamed Academy Diaries when it expanded to include other characters, then reverted back when Academy Diaries housed the MARPG omakes instead.

For a while it was located on the Keenspot premium pages, but has since been DISCONTINUED as a premium pay-per-view comic. The earlier archives were only available through publications, though are now back on-line. To follow the story post-diary, go on over to Campus Safari.

Cesilee's Diary was a very popular online comic I did years and years ago. It was meant to only be a temporary comic without any long term plans at the time, but I STILL have people asking me for more of it, so I'm going back, redoing some of it and adding a LOT. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Cesilee's an ocelot/puma hybrid, highly intelligent and obsessed with a human ... who hates cats. (I'm going to explain that in the first chapter.) Some of you will immediately recognize who the true object of her affection should be. She has no idea. And yes, other popular characters are going to show up.

  • It's been mentioned new chapters are currently being developed for publication in Furrlough