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Short Biography


Cesilee Aulima Ruine Kuma
Ocelot/Puma mix (female)
Appeared in 
Cesilee's Diary (merged with Campus Safari (and a cameo in No Angel)).
Wears glasses, and hair in a poofy ponytail.
Fourth year student majoring in electronics and lift engineering (Cesilee's Diary, strip 2)


Brothers (litter-mates with her) 
Leebon, Cileese
Silma, Esme, Lisme
Phoenix, Ness


This nerdy Human-obsessed Ocelot would end up developing a huge crush on Marcus, much to his dismay and that of her roommates. She would repeatedly stalk him and even swipe some of his things (at one point, she falls asleep in class because she would be up all night stalking him). Upon overhearing Jules badmouth him, (Cesilee's Diary, strip 19) she hacks the computer security networks and gets Khaelis to be her escort since he was someone she didn't get along with. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 21)

When her roommates find out about her obsession, (Cesilee's Diary, strip 16) they force an intervention upon her to get her off her obsession over Marcus (Cesilee's Diary, strip 34) by keeping her diary (which her mother had given her (Cesilee's Diary, strip 36)) until she was cured. This would involve her having to go and be kissed by another male Mounty, especially since she is terminally shy. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 35) (Although in No Angel, she manages to meet Marcus and even pounces him in one scene) She ends up running into Chance, who seemed the most approachable Mounty there, (Cesilee's Diary, strip 36) and is almost stopped by Phoenix (Cesilee's Diary, strip 38) before he tells Cesilee a funny story that involved how Phoenix acquired the nickname 'Squeaker'. It is then that she gets her kiss from him and her diary back from her roommates. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 39) And if anything, her obsession with Marcus gets worse. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 40)

She would continue to stalk Marcus, and thanks to a bitten tail from Galen, would fall out of a tree and into the arms of Chance, who just happened to be there. By now, he seems to be smitten with her and this disturbs Cesilee as she would continuously try to get away from him, only to have him a step ahead of her in every place. (Campus Safari, strip 538) In trying to escape from Chance, she would end up tripping and falling on Marcus while he pursued Galen, (Campus Safari, strip 540) and kiss him. (Campus Safari, strip 541) After getting smoke bombed, along with Marcus and Phoenix from the smoke bombs attached to Galen, she would be left alone with Marcus while Phoenix chased after Chance when he took a picture of them, then she would pounce on Marcus once again. (Campus Safari, strip 544)

Would later ambush Twinky, burying her face in his tail, fascinated by the fact he looked like a Skunk but smelled human. Phoenix would end up dragging her away. (Campus Safari, strip 671)


Known characteristics

  • Would wear a black outfit whenever she stalked Marcus, in the hopes he wouldn't think her a stalker. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 13)
  • Is fascinated with humans, especially since she had never seen one before coming to Mars. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 4)
  • Became obsessed with Marcus at first sight. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 12)

Known traits and abilities

  • Is good at drawing. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 16)
  • Is extremely intelligent and seems to have a photographic memory in that she can recite complex calculations literally in her sleep. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 24)
  • When someone says something that startles or shocks her, her tail puffs out. She is the only Mounty seen doing this, but theoretically others do too.
  • Very loud purr. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 40, strip 41)


  • First appeared in No Angel angrily watching as Dallas tried to urge Marcus into giving Heath a kiss. (No Angel, strip 110)
    • Claimed intent to make him her boyfriend. (No Angel, strip 122)
  • Once Marcus is in her grasp, about the only thing that will make her let go is a concentrated dose of catnip.

  • First appeared in Cesilee's Diary writing in her diary and hoping she gets to meet a human. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 2)
  • Developed a instant dislike for Jules when she saw her comment negatively to Marcus (he felt like he was being watched, she mentioned it was the females watching to make sure he didn't get too close). (Cesilee's Diary, strip 19)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari ripping her pants while stalking Marcus. (Campus Safari, strip 446)
  • Next appeared in Campus Safari retrieving Marcus' pants which Galen had swiped and left up a tree. (Campus Safari, strip 537)
  • Missing the irony, she finds it creepy when Chance is following her around all the time. (Campus Safari, strip 538)

Cesille siblings.jpg
Cesilee brother.jpg
Cesilee mother.jpg
  • First appeared in Furrlough issue 192 preparing to leave for the Academy
    • May have developed her interest in humans after a chance encounter with a human who helped her after she was bit by a Flutter wisp
    • Going to the Academy 3 years before the minimum age.
    • Her favorite place to eat is Kitty's Kastle