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Short Biography



Chatin Akaelae
Student (in Akaelae), Engineer(?) (in Campus Safari)
Similar to a Terran striped skunk. Her fur has a blueish tint to it. Has a white marking on her muzzle. Her hair got dyed while she slept by Tae and Kea during Campus Safari, and while not initially happy with it, she decided to keep it that way for a while. She's 5'5" during Campus Safari.
120 lbs
4 chronologically, 13 physically (in Puppet Strings)
Augumented smell 


Cilke, Cisco, Calle, Cam, Carrde, and other C-group skunks
Cilke, Cisco, Quinn(step), Collin(step)
Darius, Sheana, Kela, Celina


Although originally introduced in the webcomic, Satin and Silk, their beginnings go back to the Prequel where she, along with Cilke, were created by Exotica Genoworks and have their scents modified (hers would be strawberry). They were left behind, along with Cisco, when their creators fled. Then rescued by Syrys when he was finally awoke from cryogenic slumber (with her help) and fled with him into the wilderness where in turn were rescued by the Mounties. She would be adopted by the Akaelaes, along with her sister. Although she wanted to be reunited with Mekussa.

In Campus Safari, she would end up causing herself, along with Cilke and company, to be transported to Earth when Cilke accidentally pressed a button on her prototype portable transporter, (Campus Safari, strip 6) then sent to an Anime/Furry Con (Campus Safari, strip 10) where they would meet Marcus and Jules. They would receive help from Jules, unaware of her ulterior motives (or Marcus' for that matter). (Campus Safari, strip 30) With the help of a computer, she tries to find a way to get back to Mars. In the meantime, she runs afoul of Velour, along with Needles and Quill until Cilke comes to her rescue. Eventually they are rescued by Darius and company. Twinky would come into her life, disguised as a simple skunk.

It turns out that Silver had been sent to her home on Cyantia to ask her to come to Mars Academy to examine something they had uncovered during an excavation, so they proceeded to Mars. (Campus Safari, strip 122)

It would be along the way that they would have a run-in with Parot Broadcasting and end up being pawns in a survival game. With help from Twinky (whom she knew was human all along), they would escape. In the end, they would force Mina to let them go and they would make it safely back to the Mars Academy, where she would end up getting her hair dyed white by the twins, Tae and Kea. (Campus Safari, strip 175) She would also be reunited with Collin and Cisco, plus reveal to Twinky that she knew of him all along. (Campus Safari, strip 381) She would become upset with Cisco after he tries to give her a technofamiliar griffin, Dust that has had its consciousness transferred into a mechanical body, since it reminds her of death. (Campus Safari, strip 520) Cisco would later insist she take Dust with her if she cared about him, for technofamiliars were part of his life and part of the package, and if she returned it after her trip to Earth he would return to Avistary. (Campus Safari, strip 521) She would end up reluctantly taking it, (Campus Safari, strip 522) but her dislike of the situation would lead her to consider returning to Cyantia herself. (Campus Safari, strip 550)

After returning from earth, she would be have Ruti thrust upon her to cubsit. (Campus Safari, strip 575) Her annoyance at having to cubsit would increase once he was attracted to her scent. (Campus Safari, strip 595) He would find her personal transporter and transport them outside the academy. (Campus Safari, strip 607) After Ruti tossed aside the transporter to chase after a Martian Duck, (Campus Safari, strip 609) Chatin would try to get them back using the transporter, only to have it short because it wasn't waterproofed. (Campus Safari, strip 614) She would end up spraying them (Campus Safari, strip 618) and using her lift to escape. (Campus Safari, strip 619)

In No Angel, she would fly a shuttle back to Earth as part of a rescue mission.


  • Once kitsat Ruti, a character created by Shippou-chan, as part of an auction.

Known characteristics

Young Chatin.jpg
  • Point of interest: Her name is pronounced "SHA-tin". She was called Satin by English-speaking characters for a time because a translating device "mangled" her name.
  • Chatin has a light lift, that while capable of limited flight, is more suited for using in espionage. It's not outfitted for actual battle beyond a taser or stun. It's extremely light and stealthy.
  • When used in Campus safari, her lift was green with four wingblades, resembling a dragonfly. (Campus Safari, strip 619)
  • Acquired a green miniwhip during Prequel that she named Figment, he had died by the time of Campus Safari, and she didn't want him brought back as a technofamiliar, preferring to remember him warm and soft. (Campus Safari, strip 430)
  • Felt that when she was younger, she was even closer to Cisco than she was with Cilke.
  • Does not like Technofamiliars, believing it better to just let the critter die than transfer it's consciousness. (Campus Safari, strip 440, strip 441) She sees them as dead things, and they give her the creeps. (Campus Safari, strip 520)
    • Is a little perplexed by the fact that Dust doesn't realize it's not alive. (Campus Safari, strip 663)
  • Hates getting into trouble - especially when she hasn't done anything to deserve it. (Akaelae, strip 86)
  • A bit obsessive about what others think about her. (Akaelae, strip 321)
  • She is not a morning person. (Campus Safari, strip 549)

Known traits and abilities

  • She is a no-nonsense individual who is an electronics whiz who can invent new and interesting gadgets.
  • She's made at least one video game, and knows the code to unlock the mecha-shivae vehicle in it. (Campus Safari, strip 513)
    • Doesn't like others playing games on her computers. (Campus Safari, strip 54)
  • Does not like Compies. (No Angel, strip 200)


  • First appeared in Genoworks Saga tripping while performing a dance - and the reaction of the others suggested it wasn't uncommon for her. (Genoworks Saga, strip 14)
  • Scored higher than Calle in Marks, and had the rest of her group beat when it came to educational studies. (Genoworks Saga, strip 16) She was in fact one of the brightest, and their most promising student ever. (Genoworks Saga, strip 31)
  • She had a habit of running away whenever she made a mistake and felt she couldn't do something. (Genoworks Saga, strip 19)
  • She developed a dislike and distrust of Syrys for leaving Cisco behind during their escape. (Genoworks Saga, strip 154) (Though he didn't have much choice (Genoworks Saga, strip 111))

  • First appeared in Puppet Strings sparring with Collin.
  • In the three years between Prequel and Puppet Strings, she matured to the same physical age as Sheana, though her accelerated aging was normalized since.
  • Early on she was apparently attracted to Collin, at least until other suitors came along.

  • First appeared in Satin and Silk/Campus Safari comic strip shouting to Cilke to keep quiet. (Campus Safari, strip 1) She becomes more upset when Cilke lets everyone in, who promptly begin playing around with the various matter transporters she'd been working on, (Campus safari, strip 4, strip 5, strip 6) resulting in the group being teleported to Earth.
    • Didn't learn to lock her transporters up after that incident, resulting in Ruti activating one while she babysat him. (Campus Safari,strip 607) It appears she also sometimes forgets to waterproof them. (Campus Safari,strip 614)
    • It was revealed Silver was at her home to invite her to come to Mars to examine something they found while excavating for the Academy. (Campus Safari, strip 122)
  • Had no knowledge of English before coming to Earth. (Campus Safari, strip 16)
  • Has a subspace index built into her dataplate where she can store such items as translator collars. (Campus Safari, strip 22)
    • The translator would mangle her name, giving her the name 'Satin'. (Campus Safari, strip 26)
    • On the plus side, it allows her to communicate with anything, (Campus Safari, strip 39) though ordinary animals don't respond to it. (Campus Safari, strip 381)
  • Fought in the Centralis-Teraplex Wars. (Campus Safari, strip 75)
  • Is genetically marked as Property of Exotica Genoworks: Lost Property. (Campus Safari, strip 130)
  • Finds her scent annoying, especially when she walks around Rabbits because they twitch their noses too much, and a couple tried to sniff her tail. (Campus Safari, strip 382)
  • She has a class in the evenings. (Campus Safari, strip 570)
  • Cleans a room by throwing everything in the trash that isn't hers. (Campus Safari, strip 602)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 telling Sheana that Darius probably wouldn't show up at their lunch date because something always comes up. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 1)
  • Complains that Cisco is the only one who rings her bell and doesn't just come in. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 2) However once she opens it and he asks her out, she just brushes him off. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 3)
    • Although she loves Cisco, she hates his field of study (Technofamiliars), finding it creepy. She's also torn that he offered to turn her pet Tirid into one when he got old, deaf, half-blind, and could no longer fly... she refused and misses Tirid now that he's gone, wondering if she made the right decision. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 5)
  • Cilke claims sweet fruity dumplings are her favorite food. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 6)
  • She likes machines and coding, and is good with all kinds of technology, but would rather work in an office than in battle. Though she's had the training, she doesn't enjoy danger. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 9)
  • She had made a prototype for generating small portals to and from Earth, set for the surface of the Earth, taking in account terrain and limited only to the ground – that just wasn't perfected to set locations yet. Cilke accidentally activated it trying to remove the batteries. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 11)
    • The energy surge created by her teleport would not go unnoticed, and Darius would quickly determine who was missing, and that they had not used one of the Gates. (CS2, Chapter 5, strip 6)

  • First appeared in Akaelae lying in bed with a pillow, and Figment, over her head complaining about Cilke and Quinn being noisy. (Akaelae, strip 20)
  • She got upset when Darius would not stop talking to her in class, resulting in Instructor Grivaour calling them both to the front of the class. (Akaelae, strip 82)
  • Has had problems with her tail getting stepped on and caught in doors. (Akaelae, strip 202)
  • She lived on floor 87 of Akaelae Towers. (Akaelae, strip 237)
  • Her placement scores listed her as 92% compatible with Lift Mechanics. (Akaelae, strip 503)

  • First appeared in No Angel urging Rad not to allow any Compies to sneak aboard their ship for the trip to Earth. (No Angel, strip 200)