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Short Biography


Reid, Chelsea
Female, 5'6", pale skin, green eyes, reddish-orange hair, sometimes wears glasses
September 17


Victor Reid
Melissa Reid
Kalvin Reid, Andrea Reid
Keith Ritter


Her name is pronounced Ch-el, not to be confused with shell.

Chelsea, usually referred to as simply Chel, is your average girl next door. She's never been popular, just the girl that's always there to help out when it's needed. Opinionated and a bit quick to jump to conclusions with passionate effort, she's wound up in the game through her cat Mittens, which was turned into a dice by Lexx on his first day to the planet. She originally went with him to get her cat back and hey, what better way to spend the summer than to go on the trip of a lifetime with a strange alien?

She was really bored.

The few friends she had were in summer courses, and she’d only come home to watch the house and relax. While she wasn’t a shy person, she wasn’t what anyone would call popular. Her hair was a point of constant teasing in high school. The glasses she had to wear occasionally were also a target. There was no interest in the things that other girls her age were interested in such as makeup and fashion. (AD, Day 3, strip 1)

She had a father who worked in law enforcement, what branch, Chel had no clue. Something he couldn't tell anyone about, not even his family, but he had guns in the house and Chel knew how to use them. (AD, Day 1, strip 14)

Her parents work for the government, and she has nothing against it or them, though she also doesn't know specifically what they do. (AD Day 20, strip 122) She wants to work her own hours, do her studies and become a college professor. She knew it'd be difficult to get a job in her major, but had numerous backup plans. None of them involved working for the government. (AD Day 20, strip 121)

Her parents had regular exercise schedules and for the most part, kept healthy diets. They encouraged their children to do the same, indulging them in any physical interest. They rode horses, did gymnastics, played sports, well, Andrea and Kalvin did. Chel loved riding horses, especially the great big monstrous one at her grandparent's little farm. (AD day 20, strip 122)

The last book she read that she really liked was Myst, The book of A'na. She really enjoyed that trilogy, but hated the game. Her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite animals are owls.

She's a Baptist. (AD, Day 1, strip 26)

  • Has a Relay, thanks to Stealth whether she wants it or not. (AD, Day 5, strip 1) Riley hints to her about it, making her aware that her moods were paralleling Lexx's, though she wasn't aware of it yet. (AD Day 9, strip 60) She was less than thrilled finding out about it. (AD Day 17, strip 13) She was hesitant later to ask Lexx more about it, so Riley came and answered her questions (AD Day 17, strip 18) - over the relay, though she didn't realize it until he told her. (AD Day 17, strip 21) Once she got used to it, she found it useful when trying to figure Lexx out. (AD Day 19, strip 63)
  • She gave her savings to Kalvin and Andrea as a bribe to not tell her parents what she was doing for the summer to avoid worrying them. (AD Day 7, strip 4)
  • She's ticklish. (AD Day 9, strip 58)
  • She has had boyfriends in the past. Her last one was in her first year of college. He'd been a cute guy with dark brown hair and he still hung around, but he'd picked up a bad habit of binge drinking at the college and Chel had no use for that kind of lifestyle. (AD Day 10, strip 1)
  • One of Lexx's traits that impresses Chel is that he was focused. It didn't matter what happened to him, he wouldn't quit. (AD Day 10, strip 1)
  • After Lexx caught her writing in her diary, he teased her that he would find it at some point and read it. (AD Day 10, strip 5) When she got upset about it, he gave her Kipiro. (AD Day 10, strip 7)
  • She's studying to be a biologist, (AD Day 10, strip 16) and especially has interest in the ocean. (AD Day 16, strip 12)
  • She's had boyfriends in the past, but only casual ones, not really love, and none lasting over 6 months. (Whenever they pressed for her to 'do it' - they got promptly dumped) (AD Day 11, strip 13)
  • Tends not to care much for jewelry, considering them only good for getting lost. (AD Day 11, strip 23) Though she likes the Bloodstone that Lexx bought her. (AD Day 11, strip 25)
  • She has more in common with Kalvin than Andrea. (AD Day 13, strip 1)
    • Having a video-game addicted brother, she's learned to play and kick butt, which made her more than competent in her first time playing a war game against Lexx and Riley after Riley gave her 'incentive' so they'd have a third player. (AD Day 20, strip 61)
  • She's not really sure what her parents do for a living. She suspects her father may be in the FBI or CIA, or be a spy, but he doesn't say where he works. The same for her mother, except she says she's a scientist working on this or that project. (AD Day 15, strip 8)
    • She was not happy about being drafted in as an agent for the ERA, but once she met an alien and chased after it, she was required to be one, just like both her parents, her grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandmother. (AD Day 25, strip 117)
    • Here’s the good news, Chel: You automatically have a job paying 35K a year, housing and meals included (for the rest of your life) in a time when people your age are looking for work. Here's the bad news: You must work with aliens, work long hours, work at the whim of whatever president is in office and answer his/her stupid questions, be the face of alien contact before the nation, talk to no one outside the job (outside of special news reporters in the future) and fill out stacks of paperwork. Oh, and you don't get to finish college or choose your profession. It has been chosen for you.
  • She didn't want to disappoint her parents, even though they really couldn't do anything to punish her. They couldn't ground her - she didn't have a car and didn't really care to go anywhere, but letting them down would get to her. (AD Day 15, strip 9)
    • Chel's parents figured that while she was in college, she really didn’t need a car, but had promised to give her one of theirs when she was a senior. (AD Day 15, strip 46)
    • She didn’t want to do anything to disappoint her parents. That had always kept her out of trouble in the past. Don’t do anything that you could regret in the future. (AD Day 11, strip 13)
  • She and Keith Ritter are old friends due to Keith's father working with hers, though she hadn't seen him for a year. (AD Day 20, strip 108) He has kept every secret that Chel has told him. (AD day 20, strip 124) Because of this, Chel felt she could tell him about what she's been doing over the summer. (AD Day 20, strip 125) He believed her, and invited her to dinner to tell him more about it. (AD day 20, strip 127) At which point Andrea sprayed them with soda to disrupt the conversation. (AD Day 20, strip 128)
    • She would be very surprised when she later found out he was an agent in an agency investigating aliens. (AD Day 21, strip 203)
  • After Kip let Chel know that her parents knew, (AD Day 20, strip 159) she decided to have the talk with them that she was putting off, (AD Day 20, strip 161) and showed them Kip to prove she knew about the cameras installed in the house. (AD Day 20, strip 162) However, she refused to tell them anything unless they told her what they did for a living. (AD day 20, strip 165) Though her mother distracted her by mentioning her shoulder injury which had received stitches (from Skri), (AD day 20, strip 165) which was now completely healed, (AD day 20, strip 166) and that Dr Hobbes had called her about the mountain lion (Stealth) that she had brought in for treatment and a talking squirrel, (AD day 20, strip 167) but as Kip reminded her, they didn't tell her what they do,(AD Day 20, strip 168) so she didn't tell them. (Kip confided that Riley had stopped by and treated her wound with medical nanos while she slept.) (AD day 20, strip 169) She decided to spend a couple of days on Lexx's Island afterwards.
  • Once there, she found Damian had prepared a room for her. It has a beautifully ornate black door with gold and purple designs that looked as though they had been drawn into it with a fine pencil. She could fit four of her bedrooms in the entry room and from the doorway she could see two more doors to adjoining rooms, one with stairs. She could also see through the windows to a beautiful view of a balcony and the ocean. Though not furnished yet, it does have the gifts she received (pre-scanned by Damian to make sure they were safe). (AD Day 21, strip 26) The viewers sometimes send gifts, and she's very popular among the viewers (well, most of them - Damian discarded a few gifts she wouldn't want to see from jealous fans). (AD Day 21, strip 27) Quite a few of them contain info plates, because she's perceived as dumb by galactic standards. (AD Day 21, strip 28)
    • Apparently she's popular enough that there is a video feed dedicated to her personally as well. (AD Day 22, strip 193)
  • She got along well with Mauki once she met him - especially since he listened to her complain about Riley, (AD Day 21, strip 38) though that wouldn't keep her from accidentally giving him a black eye when he accidentally walked in on her after they took away her shirt to fit her for a dress. (AD Day 21, strip 41)
  • Afterwards she would go to Damian's ship to prepare her for the party, (AD day 21, strip 37) due to the fact that Riley gave her a very expensive dress (that he would probably be offended with if she didn't wear) that was poorly sized, requiring it to be fitted. (AD Day 21, strip 39)
  • After the fitting, she had a long bubble bath. (AD Day 21, strip 49) Unfortunately it included a Rishan bath treatment (AD Day 21, strip 52) which left her skin an interesting color, (AD Day 21, strip 51) requiring a second bath and a shower. (AD Day 21, strip 61)
    • The fan fiction Makeover came to mind for many readers at this scenario, though both were done independently.
  • Not wanting Epsy's eggs to be destroyed, she volunteered to take them. Riley pointed out they would grow into large eating machines, and Lexx may not be willing to feed them. She wanted them anyway, and Riley agreed to let her have them if Epsy came enough to her senses to allow her to take them. (AD Day 22, strip 19)
  • She's had sword practice with her father using wooden swords, but she's not that great... she does good not to cut herself. (AD Day 16, strip 25)
  • Mittens was her new kitten. Prior to that they had an old white cat named Roxy, who had passed away that prior January. (She was 18 and arthritic, and it was just her time.) (AD Day 22, strip 170)
  • Having bitten First while he was kidnapping her, (AD Day 22, strip 185) he would order her hair to be cut as punishment. (AD Day 22, strip 210)
  • Later when Lexx would fight an unfair challenge against Trasik to rescue her and lose, she would in a fit of anger/desperation grab a nearby spear and skewer Trasik. (AD Day 24, strip 109) It would upset her when she realized she had killed someone. (AD Day 24, strip 132) She was relieved to find out it was a mimic and not Trasik. (AD Day 24, strip 135)
  • While Lexx was suffering from nanite poison, Chel would notice various alien spacecraft come close to the ship they were traveling on, then leave with a trail of lights behind them. (AD Day 25, strip 74) They were offering condolences and sympathy for Lexx, but not coming aboard out of respect for Chel, who has been come to be recognized as Lexx's favorite companion and the one to be with him right now. (AD Day 25, strip 75)
  • Her home was at 1202 Raison Way. (AD, Day 1, strip 16)
  • Lexx would leave a Imprint on Chel before he went off to fight the Gauntlet. (AD Day 27, strip 90) Stealth disapproved, saying it should not be done without permission. Lexx felt it would be easy to remove if she didn't want it. (AD Day 27, strip 91) The imprint would play like a recording every night while she slept telling her how much he loved her. (AD Day 27, strip 94)
  • First Appeared in Strip 1 of Day 1.
  • Her first meeting with Lexx in AD Day 1, strip 6; Her response to later finding him in her room trying to take Stealth on Day 1, strip 11; And her shooting him in AD Day 1, strip 15
  • Getting the Relay in AD Day 2, strip 1
  • First time she uses the Relay in AD Day 4, strip 22
  • Riley notices the Relay in AD Day 6, strip 42
  • First time she hears Lexx over the Relay in AD Day 7, strip 3
    • Hears him again over the Relay in AD Day 9, strip 21
  • Where Riley first gives her a hint about the Relay in AD Day 9, strip 60
  • Uses the Relay after Lexx enters her dream in AD Day 11, strip 92
  • Chel receives a remote to the Door in AD Day 12, strip 6
  • Attacked by mimic in Day 20, strip 80
  • Chel is popular with Lexx's viewers in AD Day 21, strip 26
  • Chel turns blue! in AD Day 21, strip 51

  • In Cafe Anime, from her character sheet, Chelsea Reid originates from the web comic, Alien Dice. Everything about Chel is exactly the same,… except for the fact that she never met Lexx over the Summer. She is 19 years old and has gone through one full year of college. Her birthday is December 10th. Chel is primarily studying for a degree in biology and oceanic studies. Chel is good friends with Jules and Sash. They get along well. She is very serious about her education and isn’t concerned with being popular or attending any social functions at the university. She would rather be studying, reading, outside enjoying nature or watching a good movie. Chel has her friends she likes to spend time with, but education is first in her life at this time. Despite how she may look, she’s very opinionated, quick to jump to conclusions and prone to being a little too nosey for her own good. Chel has been all over the world before attending college and has a limited knowledge of martial arts and knows more about guns than any girl her age should.