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Justice, Castle
Chill was petite and her skin was a gleaming bluish white. Her face was smooth and features formed like a porcelain doll's, with clear African heritage showing through. Her hair stuck up in rigid icicles that also encircled her lower arms and calves. Dressed in an outfit like her companions, but lacking branding.

  • Was brought in by Primrose once it was discovered Lexx could walk through walls. (AD Day 27, strip 122)
  • First appeared in Alien Dice entering the quarantine facility of the ERA (AD Day 27, strip 125)
  • Not as popular as Justice and Castle, she was probably brought to immobilize Lexx with her freezing powers. (AD Day 27, strip 135)
  • Chill's an orphan, zero family, and a ward of the state. She's wrapped herself up in her persona and nobody knows who she really is. She doesn't even know.

  • They haven't interfered before because they're greedy and stick to cities and only do things they get paid for.
  • The only reason they have so much thought put into them is because they are part of another comic that Tiffany's been working on for years that she's never had time to work on.