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Short Biography


Christoph axel adam.png
Christoph Axel Adam
Human (transformed)
Anthro Roo


  • First appeared in Sink or Swim when Ash tried to pick his pocket. (Sink or Swim, strip 80) He caught her in the act, but didn't turn her in to the security fox who witnessed the attempted crime because he thought the fox was a jerk. (Sink or Swim, strip 81)

MARPG Profile

Full Name: Christoph Axel Adam ("Lurch")
Species: Human/Kangaroo
Age: 21
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 220 (Broad Physique)
Type: Student/Faculty
Function: Docking Bay Worker/Laborer
Quote: Hold to life and loose it... release life and you gain it... you grip too tight, it slips, right? So let it go.
Physical Description: Christoph is a Western Grey Based Kangaroo Humanoid. The top of his muzzle, which only 3/4 the length of a real kangaroo is black which connects to his hair except the shreds of white which appear where his head and ears intersect. His hair style is called a SkinTie which is identical to Steven's only it's more boxed in. The back of his ears are black and the insides are lined with white and still somewhat elven in appearence but more rounded now. The rest of his face (around the eyes) is brown. The back side of his body, arms, legs, and head are sooted black. As the fur wraps around to the front side, it fades to brown and meets at his chest which is white. The only exception are the tips of his hands, feet which are solid black. At the moment, he doesn't have a tail. His feet are like a real kangaroo's. 4 clawed toes, the middle being really long.

Christoph is almost always in uniform which consist of black pants which are much like snow pants which end at the knees with suspenders which he just leaves hanging. Over his body he wears a plain green tshirt letting his chest fur peek out a bit. Finally a hard hat.

In casual, he wears a grey sleevless t-shirt with a hood and the logo "Lunar Academy" on the front along with a knee length pair of shorts and a white cap.

The reason no pants go past his knees is because of his braces. He needs them to correct his balance and walk since he doesn't have a tail. The braces are a metal hydrolic based system. They start at his knees and end at his toes. Much like a boot only that is leave everything showing. At the knee, Christoph unlocks a cuffling so he can insert his foot allowing the back side of the brace to swing open for insertation. At the end of the platform where he puts his foot is a ring where he inserts his longest toe. After doing so, he locks the cuffling so the brace comfortably wraps around his calves, ankles, and feet. Between the platform, where his feet are and the actuall ground, is a hydrolic "spring" located underneath the heel, then comes the actuall sole of the shoes. Much like this.

Foot Platform | ______ <---+ Spring --> | | ` ---- . 20:37, 25 August 2006 (MDT)20:37, 25 August 2006 (MDT)20:37, 25 August 2006 (MDT)~~ Actual Sole

The Story: Christoph was born on Earth with two loving parents. However, in his early years, from infant to 5 years of age, he had shown strange behavior along with the inability to communicate or listen to others. Many doctors had traced it back to ADD or Hyperactivity. During that period he was given many treatments... one which stunted his growth. However, after all the treatments, it was learned that he was actually somewhat deaf because the fluids in his ear could not drain because of the shape of his jaw. After being surgically corrected, he could hear again but faced many social problems. Because of his temporary loss, his memories of his childhood are extremely vague.

After finishing High School on Earth, Christoph's parents grew worried about Christoph changing appearance. He was starting to look less human and more kangaroo enough to loose his distinction between human and anthro. Fearing Christoph would face persecution, they enrolled him into the Lunar Academy where people like him were a little more common. Christoph enrolled and earned his Associated Degree in Advanced Data Communications.

After college, he was hired on by a private company along with his close college friend to work on a satellite up link in deep space, somewhat in range of Mars. The project consisted of two small ships and 4 other crew members for a total of 6 people. The first ship was for working on the satellite, the other, for recreation, food, and sleep. During the late earth hours, Christoph stayed in the first ship to debug a software glitch in the Satellite's BIOS while the rest of the crew, including his friend were resting in the 2nd ship. Suddenly, a bright light blinded him and was thrusted against the wall violently. His eyes focused again to see the 2nd ship blown to pieces and the satellite damaged.

Christoph Managed to maintain enough sense to send out a distress signal using what resources were left on his ship and areas of the satellite of which were still in tact. He was rescued by crew from Mars. Though fully in tact, the loss of his friend has shattered him inside, leaving him completely traumatized. Therefor, he didn't talk much when he arrived at the Academy.

To keep himself for drowning in horrific thought, he volunteered to work in the Docking Station, lifting heavy loads most of the day but it does not seem to bother him. Too upset to look up at the stars... he usually wonders mindlessly though the halls in the very late hours when he is not working. One student who had seen him; a human gave him the sarcastic name, "Lurch" in reference to the Adams Family's Butler for his strong appearance and stale behavior. However, he is mostly over it but sometimes the memory will come back to haunt him with the endless desire to know what really happened and why his friend had to die for it.


Christoph is much sharper than he makes himself to appear to be. He is a natural computer geek which inspired his career at the Lunar Academy to begin with and has a huge secret Earth based computer network in his room. Though he almost never displays it out in public, he has a wonderful voice, hence he loves to sing along to his favorite music while relaxing in his room. He can also play the trumpet well but hasn't touched in a while. Along with his love to sing, he also loves to dance but his braces occasionally hinder him from going all out. Christoph also speaks German being his entire name is German as his family is of German/Scottish heritage.


Even in his occasional sad emotional state, he LOVES music but not any kind of music. He usually desires electronic music that is emotional, heartfelt, or encouraging because his mood usually follows that of the music; hence he throws hurtful, negative, vain, and suicidal music in the trash. Some Funk, Clear Rock (where you can actually hear the lyrics), Swing, Old Jazz, and Blues are also part of his library. Trance music also work well with him as long as its sounds good and relaxing. things that are "psychedelic" usually join the rest of the trash category. Children are a major soft spot of his, the only exception is when they are crying out loud in the store because they can't get everything they want. Other than exception he feels a need to be protective and lively around children. Oh, I think I failed to mention this....

Christoph loves Croissants!!!!! NO!!! You don't get it.... He is a CROISANT MANIAC!!! Just the very aroma drives him MAD!! He'll do almost ANYTHING to get them.


Celery: Ptuuuuiiiii Yech!!! All Faulty Equipment get NO SECOND CHANCES with Christoph. Wanna see him mad? Make a giant company that manufacturers garbage. Now watch Christoph buy that product then two days later, smash your company into to ground without relent. That is how Christoph feel towards faulty equipment. His formal executions for such things are quite interesting to see. Hitting him in the back of the head makes him go BEZERK!! Play it safe, don't hit him in the back of the head. The average normal earth kangaroo can take any dog or wolf and crush it with its bear arms. It's more deadly than a bear hug. All the above (except the celery.... belch!) can potentially ignite that fury.

One Thing Character Would Never Do

Other than the above, he has a lot of charisma and is extremely sensitive, emotionally. One thing he would never do is break anything that represents a child like a baby doll or a picture... because to him, he pictures it like actually abusing or killing a child which strikes him hard.


Christoph was a pretty strong human to begin with and even more as a hybrid. Along with his default strength, he is proficient in Mui Thai and only keeps a metal brace for his fist if need to be used. He hopes, he doesn't have to use it.


Christoph is source of hidden talent which begins to show as he comes out of his depression. He plays an important role in the academy as someone who will sit down with almost anyone and talk out others emotional, spiritual, or personal problem for hours on end. His two goals are to build the kind of friendship that he had lost and to find the cause of what destroyed his crew members in the first place however, his life is not bent on the intent of revenge. As for the future of the academy? He can educate others in Earths Network Technology and culture... in fact, he still has a few goodies from Earth left over from his vessel and the planet itself before the mission. He, like the new humans, is having a little trouble adapting to different variety of cuisine and hopes to synthesize something that resembles Earth's style of taste. Croissants?.... who's ever heard of them?

The Story of Christoph's Appearance:

4 years ago, before his tragedy... Christoph had actually confronted the one who altered his life... actually, he confronted Christoph. Have graduating from High School with his diploma on Earth, he was sent to Earth's Lunar Academy to complete his education as a Computer Network Technician. On his first day at Lunar Colony he had gotten lost in the city leaving in him in the outskirts of the town, so he decided to enter a Holy Synagogue to ask for direction... there he found an old looking man with longer white old-aged hair... he looked to be old and poor by the witheredness on his face. Upon seeing Christoph he first fell on his back and began to burst out in tears saying to God, "No please don't!". It was quite a while before the old man had actually calmed down. In tears he broke down and gave up. Then he called Christoph by name. What Christoph learned from him was quite a story. His name is Dr. Nick Bryant, he was Christoph's family doctor but he also had a secret obsession with medical science. He was brutally obsessed with received the Nobel Peace Prize to the point where self glorification came before the care for humanity. Finally, through medical science and genetical engineering (which was premature at the time), he had discovered, what he had proved himself to be a cure social and physical disorders such as autism, ADD, ADDHD, and some lighter forms of retardism. Though Christoph remembers his treatments from being from 1 to 5 years of his life, he disorder was found at the age of two. Overconfident in his achievement he had given him small shots of the syrum while performing normal checkups on him along with another child with the same condition. About a month later after the full treament was given, the 2nd child fell ill. His immune system was severally damaged as well as many vital functions of the brain. The child then suddenly collapsed and died for it was too late for him. It was not too late for Christoph however. In order to save him, he must create a new immune system to merge with and replaced the damaged one and areas of the brain. Unable to use another human's genes, because the treatment would just damage it again, the new immune system would be that of another species... that is to be a kangaroo. Not having much time to test his quick fix (and before his parents found out) he administered the treatment while Christoph was in Intensive care after falling into a coma... just in the nick of time... knowing the 2nd child's parent would have him investigated, Dr. Bryant fled in tearful remorse as he has killed an innocent child and damaged the life of another (Christoph). He went to live a remorse full life in a synagogue. Trying to do right for doing wrong.... he lives the life of poor man who acts as a doctor for the poor. However, he is still constantly haunted by his guilt... and felt deep inside that he had no choice but to have to confront Christoph. Expecting hatred, he admitted his actions to Christoph. However Christoph forgave him and only asked of one thing in return, to attend his Graduation Ceremony 2 years to come. Since then and until graduation, they met twice a week for coffee in the synagogue. Also, Dr. Bryant has also designed the braces he needed for his rooish feet to correct his awkward balance. Before that, Christoph had to use a small crutch.

Here are a few other things Christoph learned for Nick Bryant.

1. Christoph's kangaroo traits are still growing and maturing on him.... to what extent not even Dr. Bryant knows. 2. Constant Cramping.... growing pains... only worse.... 3. Loss of sweet tooth... Christoph lost most of his capacity to digest sugar about a year ago. Anything more than 12oz can of soda causes him to vomit 4. Instinct/Behavior... since its basically a kangaroos brain that fills in the damaged areas you can be sure he with inflicted with primal urges such as nipping at a couple of plants.