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Short Biography


Solid black fur with purple sheen, yellow-green eyes, no hair beyond fur length
Crew member of a ship (in Campus Safari)
M. Muench


Sheana Tibal


Young Chy.jpg
  • Was one of the characters introduced via a Character Inclusion Auction.
  • First appeared in Campus Safari walking past a cafe where a depressed Sheana was waiting for an overdue Darius to arrive for lunch. (Campus Safari, strip 562) He would join her instead. (Campus Safari, strip 578)
  • Has known her for at least 10 years. (Campus Safari, strip 580)
  • Doesn't seem thrilled with Sheana's infatuation with Darius. (Campus Safari, strip 581)
  • Visited her because his ship was docked there for a few days. (Campus Safari, strip 566)
  • Sheana later brought him to the garden to see a concert. (Campus Safari,strip 662)
  • Sheana states he is actually a hybrid, not a cat. (Campus Safari, strip 678)
  • Although he seems to show interest in Sheanna, he doesn't want to get between her and Darius, and leaves, saying he'll return when she and Darius have worked out the problem, (Campus Safari, strip 683) because if she didn't love him, her every conversation wouldn't end up on him. (Campus Safari, strip 684)

  • First appeared in Akaelae confronting Quinn when she encountered Kusac and Isis (Akaelae, strip 576) whom he was tracking while on night watch. (Akaelae, strip 578) He wanted Quinn to call her friends up to where they were so he could keep them from getting into trouble as well. (Akaelae, strip 579)
    • When Quinn suggested he go into the woods after her friends instead, he refused, admitting he didn't even go into those woods during the day since they're haunted, and that he'd let some other Night Watch catch them instead when they came out, taking Isis and Kusac home instead. (Akaelae, strip 582)
    • Took Quinn's flying off to the woods as proof that the woods were haunted. (Akaelae, strip 584)
  • Probably the person seen spying on the cubs from the tree as they snuck out in Akaelae, strip 571.