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Short Biography


Cilke Akaelae
Ceilk, Silk
Student (in Akaelae), Primary Lift Flight Instructor (in Campus Safari)
"Negative" coloration (dark stripes on white)- mostly white with horizontal lines striping where the vertical skunk lines would be. The dark markings are actually a reddish color. Her hair is naturally white. She's 6'5" during Campus Safari (5'9" in Puppet Strings).
145 lbs (Puppet Strings)
4 chronologically, 13 physically in Akaelae
Augmented smell 


Chatin, Cisco, Calle, Cam, Carrde, and other C-group skunks
Chatin, Cisco, Quinn(step), Collin(step)
Darius, Sheana, Kela, Celina, Mal
Rose, Snitch



Although originally introduced in the web comic, Satin and Silk, their beginnings go back to the Prequel where she, along with Chatin, were created by Exotica Genoworks. There they had their scents modified, Cilke's would be peach. They were left behind, along with Cisco, when their creators fled. Then rescued by Syrys when he was finally awoke from cryogenic slumber and fled with him into the wilderness where in turn were rescued by the Mounties. She would be adopted by the Akaelaes, along with her sister.

In Campus Safari, she would end up causing herself, along with Chatin and company, to be transported to Earth by accidentally pressing a button on Chatin's prototype portable transporter. (Campus Safari, strip 6) They end up at an Anime/Furry Con (Campus Safari, strip 10) where she would be grabbed by Marcus while she wore her Lift. (Campus Safari, strip 16) They would receive help from Jules, unaware of her ulterior motives (or Marcus' for that matter). (Campus Safari, strip 30) She ends up developing a taste for chocolate, (Campus Safari, strip 58) thanks to Marcus' desire to try and seduce her. Eventually they are rescued by Darius and company.

It would be along the way that they would have a run-in with Parot Broadcasting and end up being pawns in a survival game. With help from Twinky, they would escape and Cilke would don her armor and blast the place apart. In the end, they would force Mina to let them go and they would make it safely back to the Mars Academy, where she would be reunited with Syrys, whom she had grown to love.


Known characteristics

  • Point of interest: Her name is pronounced "SIL-kay". She was called Silk by English-speaking characters for a time because a translating device "mangled" her name.
    • Doesn't mind being called Silk by the humans, since it's a pretty fabric. (Campus Safari, strip 635)
  • Cilke has a modded light lift that is purely aerial and combat oriented. She is trained to use a moderate lift.
  • Acquired two miniwhips during Prequel - a red/orange and a green one.
  • Does not hesitate to spray those who insult her, including a wolf who was nicknamed Peachy in the forum, (Akaelae, strip 323) or Fin when he abducted her. (Campus Safari, strip 134)
  • Is annoyed when people treat her like an idiot. She humors Chatin when she does, since she's her sister, but doesn't like how others are picking up on it and treating her the same way, and considers if maybe she dyed her hair differently it might break the stereotype she's being grouped into since her accomplishments don't seem to be doing it. (Campus Safari, strip 588)
  • Does not like being reminded of her time at Genoworks. (Campus Safari, strip 635)

Known traits and abilities

  • She seems to be an airhead, but is quite smart actually. She is just naive and lacks focus on the world around her at times. Although not one for instruction and creation, she is better with the hands-on demonstration and theories concerning how to improve lifts.
  • Is also quite brave.
  • She's an elite warrior who fought in the Centralis-Teraplex Wars.
  • Has a fondness for sewing. (Campus Safari, strip 43)
  • She's the Primary Lift Instructor at Mars Academy, and can maintain her lift better than most. (Campus Safari, strip 589)
    • She has set hours in the Main Bay to work on student equipment, training suits, and simulators, as well as teaching several flight classes. (Campus Safari, strip 638)
    • She has a lift much like Chatin's with dragonfly wings, but colored blue instead of green.


Young Cilke.jpg
  • First appeared in Genoworks Saga watching Chatin flee after tripping in dance class. (Genoworks Saga, strip 15) She took offense when Calle began insulting Chatin. (Genoworks Saga, strip 16)
  • Has a real dislike of Calle, and doesn't want to be part of anything she's part of. (Genoworks Saga, strip 17)
  • Was one of the top students in her class. (Genoworks Saga, strip 31)
  • Isn't as attached to Mekussa as Chatin is, feeling that even though she may not harm them herself, the fact that she allows others to do so is just as bad as if she did. (Genoworks Saga, strip 37)
  • In the original Prequel she was able to persuade Chatin to wake Syrys up early, the the redone version, she does it herself since she doesn't want to stay where they are. (Genoworks Saga, strip 47)

  • First appeared in Puppet Strings watching a match between Collin and Chatin.
  • In the three years between Prequel and Puppet Strings, she matured to the same physical age as Sheana, though her accelerated aging was normalized since.
  • She trusts her miniwhips judgement on what is edible and not.

  • First appeared in Satin and Silk/Campus Safari comic strip conversing with Chatin that they had visitors. (Campus Safari, strip 2)
  • Her first sight of Humans was at the convention they teleported too... she found the lack of fur disgusting. (Campus Safari, strip 11)
    • In Akaelae she had met only one human (probably Alex) before meeting Lucas. (Akaelae, strip 502)
  • She was an elite warrior who had taken on Intergalactic menaces before. (Campus Safari, strip 12)
  • Had no knowledge of English before coming to Earth. (Campus Safari, strip 16)
  • Has a blind friend who flies spacecraft and is head of the Academy Space Program. (Campus Safari, strip 34)
  • Is genetically marked as Property of Exotica Genoworks: Lost Property. (Campus Safari, strip 130)
  • Cilke's hair is white but experiments with dye from time to time, including blue when she was sympathizing with Chatin whose hair had been dyed white. (Campus Safari, strip 222)
  • Developed an instant dislike of Twinky when she found out he was a wereskunk, (Campus Safari, strip 356) because he had (accidentally) been in the bathroom in skunk form while she was showering. (Campus Safari, strip 358)
  • Is annoyed how those she's interested in seem to notice Chatin more than her. (Campus Safari, strip 590) It's not that she can't get their attention, it's keeping it, since something always gets in the way. (Campus Safari, strip 591)
  • Would be run into by Chrome while he was trying to catch a falling Aurla entangled in the ribbon she was playing with. (Campus Safari, strip 626)
    • Was quick to forgive it since she knew what a handful whips could be from the pair she had as a child. (Campus Safari, strip 631)
    • Was fascinated that he was searching for her (and the rest of C-group) since most only seek her out when they want their lift fixed. (Campus Safari, strip 637) This was heightened when he mentioned he did similar work as she did, and was interested in what she did, (Campus Safari, strip 638) and even more so that he was asking her out instead of Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 639)
    • After the initial encounter with Chrome, she seems to be developing a relationship with him.
  • Having been raised by Wolves, she likes their cuisine best, but also enjoys Mounty and Digni cooking. (Campus Safari, strip 640)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 attending a movie party with Chatin, Silver, Rad, and Lucian. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 6)
  • Chatin doesn't consider her bright, but she can fix just about anything by instinct. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 8)

  • She first appeared in Akaelae trying to decide what to wear for school. (Akaelae, strip 21)
  • Quinn and Collin's phasing ability scares her. (Akaelae, strip 89)
  • Lucas was the second Human she had ever met. (Akaelae, strip 502)
  • Her Placement Tests listed her as 78% compatible with Lift Pilot. (Akaelae, strip 503)
  • She lacks the natural ability, to become a Technomage, but doesn't have a problem with it since she doesn't want to become one anyway. (Akaelae, strip 660)
    • In early Akaelae her hair is red like her stripes.
    • In late Campus Safari her hair is blue. It was dyed that way, with the help of Ravon, in order to cheer up Chatin who's hair was secretly dyed by Tae and Kea.

  • Cilke has just a little too much attraction to Syrys. (Campus Safari, strip 86)(Campus Safari, strip 275)(Campus Safari, strip 276) It's one sided and not really played up since it's not a huge important drama point. Cilke has incorrectly latched onto Syrys as the perfect male and not separated father from mate.
    • Even tackled Darius mistaking him for Syrys rescuing her. (Campus Safari, strip 113)
    • Even she acknowledges that it's not appropriate. (Campus Safari, strip 590)
  • First appeared in Darius chasing Rose and Snitch, who had stolen her hair ribbons. (Darius, strip 94)
  • Syrys would later formally introduce her to Amber, Quio, Chai, Lucas, Lucian, and Darrik, (Darius, strip 97) and suggest she spend some time with Quio and Chai. (Darius, strip 98)