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Cinka is Zaile's consort. She's basically a paid companion for Zaile without that pesky notion of love to get in the way. She's bitter about her place in life and tries to make herself feel better by absorbing herself in all the money and gifts as well as attention she receives for her services. She has a strong hatred of Maelinn, because Zaile actually cares about her.

  • She's beautiful, but stands like her entire self-value is tied up in what she can do for a male, and tries to bring everyone else down to her level. (AD Day 9, strip 27) She has a habit of trying to use her sex appeal to get what she wants. (AD Day 9, strip 28)
  • She's rude and cruel to Maelinn, and knew that she and Riley were in love with each other before Zaile did. (AD Day 9, strip 27)
  • She has tried to seduce Riley without success, not caring that he doesn't even like her. (AD Day 9, strip 29)
  • She is nothing but a distraction. Zaile had told Riley this when he’d asked if she was really necessary. Zaile doesn’t want a family, even though he’s pretty much made himself one. Cinka’s his toy. She gets to spend crids; Zaile gets a warm bed. (AD Day 9, strip 30)
  • Obeying Riley is part of her contract, though he rarely uses it since she keeps Zaile happy. (AD Day 9, strip 31)
  • She finds it hurtful sometimes that Zaile treats her like a used toy, no matter how long she's been with him, so bothers Maelinn about Riley to work off her annoyance with Zaile. (AD Day 14, strip 75)
  • She doesn't know what she'd do if she were dismissed from her position, but made up her mind that Mealinn and Riley would both pay if she were because of them. [1]
  • First Appeared watching Riley work out - much to his irritation in AD Day 9, strip 27