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Short Biography


Mostly black with a white underside and chin, bright orange mohawk when young, when older is mostly black with white chin and underside, long golden-orange hair and tail
146 lbs
Student in Akaelae, Technomage in Campus Safari, builds technofamiliar frames
4 chonologically, 15 physically in Puppet Strings
Augumented smell 


Chatin, Cilke, Calle, Cam, Carrde, and other C-group skunks
Darius, Sheana, Celina, Kela, Quinn, Collin
Marron (mini-whip), Glace (mini-whip) and Dust (mini-griffin)


Young Cisco.jpg

In the Prequel, he was one of the three skunks that were left behind when the Fox abandoned the place (the others being Chatin and Cilke). When Syrys revived and took them out of the place, Cisco was injured and ended up dangerously slowing the others down. He fell asleep and was abandoned by Syrys after being placed on a patch of warm ground where heatstones lay just beneath them.

In Puppet Strings, it is revealed that he survived and is now grown up, after obviously being rescued by the Digni and living with them for almost a year and a half. Out in the wilderness he is reunited with Chatin, Cilke, and Collin (much to Collin's dismay). He would later be allowed to continue his studies at Akaelae Towers for the summer, and is now a part of the Akaelae storyline where he shares a room with Collin.

In Akaelae, he begins to express an interest in Technomages and goes to the library to check out information on them. (Akaelae, strip 204) It would be there that he would have a run-in with Lucas.

In Campus Safari, he is still in competition with Collin over Chatin's affections. He tried to give Chatin a griffin named Dust who had died and had its consciousness transferred to a mechanical body, (Campus Safari, strip 439) much to her disappointment. (Campus Safari, strip 441) Not only that, he almost gives her Zimre stones in the hopes of officially courting her. But throws them away upon upsetting her after trying to give her the undead familiar (Campus Safari, strip 443) (later on, he manages to convince her to take Dust). After Collin finds and gives Chatin the stones, she confronts Cisco about it, who insists that since Technofamiliars are part of his life, they're part of the package with him, insisting she take Dust with her, and if she returns Dust after her trip to Earth, he'll transfer back to Avistary. (Campus Safari, strip 521)


Known characteristics

Old Cisco.jpg
  • Cisco is taller and more mature looking than Chatin, Cilke, Quinn, or Collin (and had a shorter childhood than all of them too). This was due to the fact that the Digni would have been unable to do anything about the accelerated aging process that all Exotica Genoworks creations have, whereas the Akaelaes could.
  • More balanced emotionally and mentally than the others due to being allowed to age 'naturally.'
  • Quiet and introverted. He had an optimistic streak in Akaelae, but he seems to have become more edgier by Campus Safari. Possibly due to his involvement in the Centralis War.
  • Loves being put on the spot to think of something clever to come back with, but not when it comes to Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 519)

Known traits and abilities

  • Due to his technical expertise, he can transfer the will of a dying organism into a mechanical body. He claims that he would never cross that line with a sentient being.
  • Was taught to read several old languages by the Digni, including Moulin Phedra.


  • First Genoworks Saga appearance was watching Chatin flee after tripping during a dance. (Genoworks Saga, strip 15)
  • Was one of the top students in his class. (Genoworks Saga, strip 31)
  • Picked one of the miniwhips as his because it matched his stripes. (Genoworks Saga, strip 52)
  • In the remake of the Prequel, during their escape from Genoworks he ended up tripping (Genoworks Saga, strip 104) and falling off a cliff, (Genoworks Saga, strip 105) injuring his ankle. (Genoworks Saga, strip 106) Although Syrys would be able to go down to him, he was afraid he might not be able to get back up, which would strand the other 4 cubs he was traveling with, (Genoworks Saga, strip 109) so unfortunately Syrys was forced to leave him behind. (Genoworks Saga, strip 111) (Especially since the weather was a real danger to the other cubs as well (Genoworks Saga, strip 112))
    • It was mentioned that the reason they couldn't just all go down to him was that it’s very likely that someone, most likely Syrys, would end up getting hurt on the way down. There’s a sheer drop and little control in the descent even where Cisco fell. Where he fell, there was a big slope and less of a sheer drop and he was just lucky.
  • He would end up traveling to the trees below him, and find the ground warm at their base due to heatstones, and decide to wait out the storm there. (Genoworks Saga, strip 119)
  • He would be found and rescued by a family of Digni. (Genoworks Saga, strip 148) Though they searched for his friends, they could not find them, so would welcome him into their family as is their way with children who are lost and found. (Genoworks Saga, strip 176)

  • First appeared in Puppet Strings greeting Chatin - who at first didn't recognize him.
  • Though having been left behind in the Prequel and thought dead by the rest of the group, he thought he was the only survivor of the group.
  • Was planning on attending the Avistary Academy while living with the Digni.
  • He personally took the data crystals that Dior wanted to Avistary.
  • Had two miniwhips during Prequel and Puppet Strings, a golden-orange one (same color as his hair) and a crimson one. They would eventually become his technofamiliars Marron and Glace.
  • First Akaelae appearance was talking in the night, his two whips curled up on the bed, with a sleepless Collin. (Akaelae, strip 17)
  • His Placement Test showed him as 90% compatible with Technomagery. (Akaelae, strip 503)

  • He first appeared in Campus Safari interrupting Collin as he tried to verbally threaten Twinky from pursuing Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 388) Though he felt the urge to add his own threats as well, as making a love triangle into a quadrangle complicates things even more. (Campus Safari, strip 390)
  • Does not like Marron and Glace spying on people, and especially doesn't want them relaying what they see when they do. (Campus Safari, strip 429)
  • He would spy Chatin having a date with Twinky after her return from Earth, and contemplate barging in, but decided to leave considering he wasn't invited, she'd been avoiding him lately, and she looked like she was having a good time. (Campus Safari, strip 686)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 ringing Chatin's doorbell. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 2) He asks her out, and she just brushes him off. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 3)
  • He's always designed Technofamiliars. At Mars Academy he teaches about them, repairs them, and builds them. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 5)

  • First appeared in Akaelae asking Collin if he was still awake the night before school began. (Akaelae, strip 17)