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Clothing is more decoration and identity than anything else to Cyantians. Now, they also DO wear clothing for protection, because they have heated homes, which means that when they do grow in winter coats, they are not thick enough to ward off the cold. They do NOT like being wet without anything on.

Bhunncloth is a favored type of bottom, much like a loincloth but with a clasp or strap of cloth to keep it down during movement, along with weights sewn into the hemline. They're loose and flowing, heavy enough to avoid any unpleasantness and very comfortable for warm weather. It's very visible in the Sink or Swim comics. Most of the time though, they don't worry about their tails. The main problem with human style clothing is simply the legs. They can wear jeans without much irritation due to where the tail would come out naturally. A dip or cut in the jeans would work just as well with a belt strung over the tail to keep it in place. Rabbit and Mouse clothing often does not have tail holes.

They don't tend to wear underwear, but they do wear things like slips on occasion which are treated with a anti-fur cling treatment. It's mostly to keep hair out of their outer clothing that may be made of a material that invites hair to stick to it. If you have a cat or a dog, it's bad enough with a few hairs here and there... imagine if you're the one covered with hair.

Due to their hips being not quite the same design as humans, most clothing is held up by the shoulders, and belts are very often worn.

Quinn doesn't WEAR a bra. Most of them probably don't wear bras. Imagine how annoying those straps would get over fur. They have naturally firm breasts due to some extra cartilage and muscle which also keeps them from bouncing about too distractingly even when they walk, so they don't really need one.

Technically, it's common to SEE a Cyantian running around with nothing on, male or female, not unusual at all and they won't stare, most won't. The main reason they wear clothing is identity, uniform, adornment and Avistarians do wear a lot less than the others. You know... it's not like you can SEE anything when they're covered in feathers and fur. There are times that they do need clothing for protection. Shoes are one, although not always worn, they're useful over rough terrain or for longer walking/standing. Your average digitigrade Cyantian would rather sit, crouch or recline than stand, especially as they get older.

Foot covering for the digitgrades is different than that for the plantigrades because they can't walk if their heels are covered by stiff materials. They usually leave the heel open and put pads on the feet when necessary. Gravity holds the flaps covering the foot in place, and the fabric is also thicker over the feet. There are little loops under the fabric for combining with pads for the foot if a lot of walking is going to be done.

Ear piercings and multiple ear piercings are quite common and considered normal. The Cyantian equivalent to a tattoo is shaving, which is considered disgusting and base, and there is fur coloring, which is a little 'outrageous' to the average Cyantian when done in patterns. [1]

Full body fur dying is less commonly done. It requires a shot to start the process, which makes all the current fur fall out, as well as taking a booster pill every four cycles to retain the new color. (Akaelae, strip 382) It takes a couple of weeks for the new coat to grow in fully. It is a very itchy process. (Akaelae, strip 495)

They also probably only bathe/shower once a week in general, if not only twice a month since they have natural oils and such to take care of them. Keep in mind... they don't sweat like humans.

If searching for Human clothing, it's best to search for shops run by Rabbits or Mice, since their clothes fit humans best, and most of the time there aren't tail holes. (Campus Safari, strip 432)