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Short Biography


Collin Sirac Akaelae
Morpheus, Sirac
Mostly cream colored, black ears and diamond shape between eyes, dark brown eye patches, long wavy light brown hair
140 lbs
Student (in Akaelae), Cov Ops (in Campus Safari)
(12 chronologically) 20 physically (in Campus Safari), (3 chronologically) 13 physically in (Akaelae)


Chatin, Cilke, Cisco, Darius, Sheana, Celina, Akaelae


Young Collin Akaelae.jpg

He is the younger of the two Akaelae Siracs (by six months) and was created by Exotica Genoworks to have psionic powers. He, along with Quinn, make their introduction in Satin and Silk Prequel as cubs after they were hidden in the ceiling by older Siracs so that they would not be taken away. They were rescued by Syrys during the incident that destroyed Exotica Genoworks main installation. He and Quinn were adopted into the Akaelaes.

In Puppet Strings, he is in his early teens now now and feels overwhelmed by the lack of male company his age. It is also during this time that he develops deep feelings for Chatin. He goes out into the wilderness on a camping trip with Quinn, Chatin, Cilke, and Sheana. It would be out here that they would be reunited with Cisco. Already Collin now feels threatened by his arrival, seeing him as competition for Chatin. That is when a Sirac named Marion reveals herself to him through telepathy and asked that he get something for her for her master. With her will eventually overwhelming him, he gets her that which she desires. At the end of the story, he is peeved to learn that Cisco will be spending the summer at Akaelae Towers with them.

In Akaelae, he is sharing a room with Cisco and is about to start school for the first time and is not looking forward to it because of all the mental noise that he will be picking up from the other students. In the school, he learns of the presence of Darrik down in the basement and leads his friends down there to look for him. His further adventures are yet to be revealed in this comic. Eventually though, he will be receiving the code name, Morpheus, during the Centralis War.


Known characteristics

  • His office is near to Darius's office in Campus Safari. (Campus Safari, strip 474)
  • Has a big crush on Chatin, and a rivalry for her affection with Cisco. Although, he seems to be getting over this since he accepted a challenge from Darius to date the first female he didn't know that he met. This turned out to be a Cisaan named Autumn.
  • Claims he doesn't dream, he just has nightmares.
  • Manifests a pair of wings when he uses his ability to fly.

Known traits and abilities

  • Collin's psionic skills include advanced telepathic ability and highly developed telekinetic abilities, the ability to dream walk, and more. He has mastered his ability to manipulate objects telekinetically, even being able to walk though solid matter at will. His telepathic abilities are highly developed, and during his younger years also hard to control.
    • When phased he can grab onto material and climb up through solid matter, as was demonstrated when he pulled himself back up through the floor after Autumn tossed him. [1](Campus Safari, strip 508)
    • Does not like people witnessing him walking through walls, as it makes people nervous. (Campus Safari, strip 508)
  • Collin can fly as well. He just chooses not to since he doesn't like standing out.
  • He does not know everything he can do because he chose not to explore his abilities any further than to be able to control them and hold them back.
  • Collin's abilities enabled him to literally read digital devices to a small extent, making it easy for him to break coders codes to open locked doors. (Akaelae, strip 90)
  • When he first arrived at school he felt weariness from not being used to blocking so many others thoughts. They drifted and intruded upon his to a point that it was nerve racking. He didn't want to overhear what others were thinking, but his ability had to be tuned to keep each one out individually. He passively picked them up until they had fully registered in his mind and he could keep them blocked unless he wanted to listen to them.
  • Quinn can pass through objects at will, which kind of requires flight to avoid falling through things. Collin has the same abilities as Quinn, he just doesn’t show them off and actually resists using them. Quinn can pass into a secondary dimension, which Collin cannot. But he has a stronger dream walk than she does.
  • His telepathic abilities allow him to walk in other people's dreams, thus his being nicknamed after the Greek God of Sleep.
  • He hates being in Quinn's void because it amplifies his abilities to the point where it hurts. (Akaelae, strip 360)


  • First appears in Genoworks Saga being dragged down a hallway with Quinn by a fox who finds them useless. (Genoworks Saga, strip 38)
    • Was actually powerful, but never exhibited his abilities because he was too sensitive to thought. (Genoworks Saga, strip 54)
  • As a child he had very powerful perception and hadn't learned how to block out others, so was overwhelmed by too many voices and too much fear around him. (Genoworks Saga, strip 40)

  • First appears in Puppet Strings sparring with Chatin.
  • In the three years between Prequel and Puppet Strings, he matured to the same physical age as Sheana, though his accelerated aging was normalized since.
  • He enjoys camping, where thoughts aren't so overwhelming.
  • Didn't have many male friends his age, or those who shared his interests.

  • First appears in Campus Safari meeting with Chatin after she arrives at Mars Academy (she calls him Sirac, which seems odd) at Mars Academy recreational bar. (Campus Safari, strip 181) Unfortunately he is under Zimae's mind control at the time, and at Rama's orders would drug Chatin, (Campus Safari, strip 183) then try to kill her. (Campus Safari, strip 187) It would be determined he was asleep the whole time. (Campus Safari, strip 193)
    • While determining the events of his attack, he willingly moved to Subspace Quarters to prevent further mind control. (Campus Safari, strip 229)
  • Developed an instant dislike of Twinky when he saw him being friendly with Chatin, since he wasn't one of them, and definitely not good enough for Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 383)
    • He would confront Twinky, telling him he can pick up his thoughts and found them disturbing, threatening him not to act on them if he knew what was good for him. (Campus Safari, strip 388)
  • Although he cares deeply for Chatin, he concedes that she sees him more as a brother than a potential mate. (Campus Safari, strip 475) Because of this he would leave the engagement Zimre stone Cisco had thrown away when Chatin rejected him before he presented them at Chatin's door and let whatever happens happen. (Campus Safari, strip 477)
  • After coming to terms with Cisco being a better match for Chatin than himself, he accepted Darius's dare to go out with the first girl he saw. (Campus Safari, strip 480) (Of course, to be funny, Darius made sure the first one was Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 481)) After specifying it had to be someone new and not someone he knew, he would end up being run into by Autumn. (Campus Safari, strip 484) (Academy Diaries had an omake where he ran into Rhonda from Roomies instead.)

  • First appears in Akaelae sharing a room with Cisco, telling him he was in the middle of a nightmare. (Akaelae, strip 17)
    • Was worried about attending school, since there would be so many minds to block, he wasn't sure he would be able to concentrate on his classes. (Akaelae, strip 19)
    • He would be there for most of his first day of class, and fortunately the teacher didn't see him leave. (Akaelae, strip 62) Hiding from the crowds afterwards, he would run into Darrik. (Akaelae, strip 65)
  • His Placement Test came back as 100% Undetermined. (Akaelae, strip 503)

  • First appeared in Darius being formally introduced to Amber, Quio, Chai, Lucas, Lucian, and Darrik. (Darius, strip 97)
  • In regards to his battle with Kamden in Darius, strip 281-283, Collin cannot make the tips of his fingers solid without them being stuck in Kamden’s skull and therefore.. losing his fingers. It’s just a connection he’s made that he can ONLY do here. He can’t do it outside the void in the same way and he did just do a very quick wipe.

  • While his older self has dreadlocks, his younger self sports a single long braid that was in part inspired by [Edward Elric] from Full Metal Alchemist.