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Short Biography


His appearance differs from species to species. He's a huge 4-footed winged lion in Shivae stories - Shivae stand barely above his feet); In Gryphon stories he is a giant glowing golden gryphon with luminous eyes that obscure his facial features



  • In the past he walked ahead in creation's light. (Cler, strip 68)
  • Respects creatures' free will to decide. (Cler, strip 70)
  • Occasionally gives 'gifts' to those in need, though Shivae come to him for the gifts.
  • Prominent figure in Shivae mythology - gave Caedi her wings, (Cler, strip 72) the color rain that Saed splashed to color the Shivae came from his garden (when his garden floods it washes the color off his flowers, falls to the ground, and gives color to everything (Vas, strip 27)


Father of gryphons.jpg
  • Known as the Father of Gryphons. (Vas, strip 321)
  • He is always watching, and will approach those he deems worthy of receiving his gifts. Stormclaw was once such gryphon he approached, giving gifts to him and his sole chick for surviving where Gurdan were not created to live. (Vas, strip 320)
  • If he is approached without the proper respect, a comment with a sharp tooth smiley applies.