Crime and Punishment

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They're more lenient with some things... such as fighting, as long as no-one's injured severely. And severely means broken limbs or something along those lines. Since most Cyantians tend to bluff fight over actual fighting, injuries are usually NOT that bad. They do tend to scuffle quite a bit among some groups with the most damage being a scratch or bruise and that's it. Nothing is done about such incidents.

They do imprison some criminals on island prisons. (It has been mentioned that Mounties have a very strict death penalty. Wolves are less likely to offer a sentence of death, feeling it better to remove the individual from the society by banishment.)

Koyotis shun. The Cheetah will take physical retribution on law offenders. MANY times in many of the societies punishment will involve a period of servitude.

The rabbit societies and Northerners are the most likely to use public humiliation, branding and physical marking to shame their law offenders and make them noticeable immediately for their crimes.