Cute Abominations

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This strip ran from 2001-2002, and while drawn by Syke, was scripted by her husband Robert Ross. It was done primarily in black and white except for the red eyes of Clovis and the yellow eyes of Cthulhu. It had long intervals between scripts, ending with the request by 'Cuddly' for sizable bribes to write new scripts. ^_^

The setting
Innsmouth Massachusetts (population 1,219... alive).
The Main Characters
  • Suzie - age 5
    • Her special friend - 'Cuddly' Cthulhu (an ancient alien with primordial powers who got stuck in the body of a stuffed animal when a coven member had a coughing fit during the summoning ceremony 6 months prior, hates to be called cuddly, loves white chocolate)
  • Whitney - age 10 (well known for her 'Spay the Whales' campaign)
    • Her special friend - Clovis the Devilbunny (A mischievous entity and living poltergeist, disguised as a normal red-eyed black bunny)

  • Matt - age 13
    • His special friend - Clarence the Dancing Sunflower (possibly the most evil of the 3)
After some generalized mischief, which include summoning Hastur to create the best Halloween costumes for trick-or-treat, they seek out to recover the book from the Mad Arab and conquer the world through the evil that is... boy bands. After achieving some success, Clovis leaves to do his own conquests since he can't stand the l33t speaking internet demons which have moved in.