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Cyantian Chronicles is composed of several graphical novels based on the same universe. Considering the fact there are so many comics it may be difficult for new readers to catch up the storyline. This page will serve as a primer to guide new readers in reading the comics. There are basically two ways to read the comics, either in the order of when the comics were created or in an order recommended by the creator of the series.

Order of Creation

The graphic novels here are listed in order they were first uploaded. The exact date of when many comics were first updated is unfortunately unknown. Remember that the comics sometimes overlap in chronology because Syke usually made and still makes comics in parallel. So if you're hardcore enough of a webcomic reader, you would probably read them in this order instead.

Graphic Novels in order they were created
Year Graphic Novel Name Link Note
1998 Satin and Silk First couple of pages has been redrawn for print.
Sink or Swim Started out under the name "Rebound and Mako"
1999 Campus Safari Ran parallel with Satin and Silk.
2000 Satin and Silk - Prequel Original only available in print, currently being redone in Genoworks Saga
2001 Satin and Silk - Puppet Strings Available in Print only Follows the Prequel
Shivae! Cler's Arc Vas Arc Takes place on Cyantzium
No Angel Starts out as a spin-off from Campus Safari, following Jules shortly after she was relocated to Mars Academy.
Campus Safari - Cesilee's Diary Spin-off from Campus Safari, following Marcus and his stalker.
2002 Gralen Cragg Hall Front cover was apparently made in 1999, History of various Fox and Mounty characters
2003 Akaelae Follows Puppet Strings, but is not centered around Chatin or Cilke.
2004 The Exotica Genoworks Saga History of various Genoworks characters
2010 Darius Follows Akaelae, meant to heavily feature Darius Akaelae
2012 Campus Safari 2.0 Retelling and expansion of the original Campus Safari

Recommended Order

There is no particular order you need to read the strips in. But Syke had made a list with the recommended order you should read the comics in.

Graphic Novels in recommended order
No. Graphic Novel Name Link Note
0. Shivae! Cler's Arc Vas Arc Has nothing really to do with the Cyantians today, but it's set in the same world.
1. Satin and Silk - Prequel Completed, but original only available in print now. Being redone in Genoworks Saga
2. Gralen Cragg Hall
3. Satin and Silk - Puppet Strings Offline Completed, only available in print now.
4. Akaelae
5. Campus Safari
6. No Angel
7. Sink or Swim

Chronological Cyantian

For a chronological order of the comics also check the Cyantian Timeline.

The ‘chronological list’.

Untitled Beginning Story – IN the Scripting Phase for years now. :D
Danie – Danie is a written story. There are a few pages online and it is being prepared for printing.
Genoworks Saga – Where all the random species that are not set in the universe came from.
Gralen Cragg Hall – The Fall of the Fox empire, from beginning of the fall to the end as seen from the inside and out.
Akaelae Cubs – This is the NEW comic that hasn’t really been posted up yet. These are not quite like the other comics. These are meant for kids and those young of heart. Just cute short stories in full color featuring a variety of the characters at younger ages. While it says Akaelae, that’s until I decide on another name. There will be many other characters than just those in Akaelae and maybe even some I’ve never shown before. This will be a PG-G rated comic.
Akaelae – This features the main cast of The Cyantian Chronicles as teenagers, on the verge of learning fully who they are in the face of a world of growing dangers. This is a completed story for now. More chapters will be added.
DariusDarius Akaelae, one of the primary members of the Cyantian Chronicles has a slightly different fate awaiting him than his family and friends realize, one that will eventually take him light years away from home. This is a completed story for now. More chapters will be added.
Campus Safari - The first comic, covering an accidental transference from Cyantia to Earth and the establishment of an academy of learning on a terraformed Mars. This is a completed story.
Campus Safari 2.0 – Campus Safari returns, taking it from the beginning as though it were done for the first time. Yes, it does replace some things, but I really don’t want to ‘change’ most things and confuse people. I’m leaving the original up so you can compare. There will be more ADDED than changed.
No Angel - The humans on Mars Academy – kind of stalled due to the reboot of Campus Safari, but nothing in it has really changed.
Cesilee's Diary – This was a temporary comic that got very popular and was never intended to be ongoing – but it is being done again soon.
Sink or Swim – The Kangaroos of the Cyantian Chronicles.