Cyantian Time Units

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As cyantians live on different planet, Cyantzium, the units of time are a bit different from terran. The time units, based on the size and rotational speeds of the planet and the moon Avistary, are quite close resemblance to the metric system.

Cyantian Time Units
Less significant time unit More significant time unit
1 tic 100 mitics
1 unit 100 tics
1 cycle 20 units
1 set 25 cycles
1 rot 15 sets

The following table contains the conversion from Cyantian Time to Terran Time

Conversion from Cyantian to Terran Time
Cyantian time unit Terran time unit
1 tic 45 seconds
1 unit ≈ 75 minutes
1 cycle 25 hours
1 set 26 days
1 rot 13 months