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(Year 895, 1993 AD)
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=== Year 895, 1993 AD ===
=== Year 895, 1993 AD ===
[[Teraplex-Centralis Wars|Centralis War takes place]]. [[Alpha Akaelae]] is succeeded by [[Kela Akaelae]].
[[Centralis-Teraplex Wars|Centralis War takes place]]. [[Alpha Akaelae]] is succeeded by [[Kela Akaelae]].
=== Year 897, 1995 AD ===
=== Year 897, 1995 AD ===

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The Landing

(Commonly accepted as 1068 AD Earthtime) A highly advanced and ancient race of aliens called the Rumuah arrive to settle the planet, Cyantia, with their servants, gleaned from across the universe and tweaked for their own purposes. They set up a series of 'gates' to other worlds around the planet to populate the world with creatures of their liking.

The Squids and Omega Legacy

Year 0, 1098 AD

Thirty years after the landing, the Rumuah have completely died out, leaving a half finished city and all their information to their servants, who are not exactly prepared for the responsibilities of that information. The Coyote go feral immediately and leave the city not wanting to be part of anything as others try to pick up the pieces of their place on this world they've been abandoned on.

The four servants left with the information of what to do once the Rumuah were gone are collectively called, The Four Pillars.
Lidya, a serious looking white mouse with a red spot over the right side of her face and black hair.
Sair, soft featured form of a snow leopard.
Akaelae, a white wolf with green eyes and a slightly smug, arrogant expression.
Tristan, a golden fox with an intense look in his eyes.

Year 115, 1213 AD

Alpha Akaelae is born.

Year 137, 1235 AD - Triad Occupation

An alien raced called the Moulin Phedra (Squid) arrive and offer to help the Cyantians achieve space flight. But would reveal their true intentions by occupying the entire planet and abducting various Cyantians to genetically tamper with for the purpose of creating pit fighters out of them for profit. Among those abductees are Alpha Akaelae (Age 22) and Shean Tibal.

Year 146, 1244 AD - The Rebellion Against Squid

The Cyantians gain victory. Whether they exterminated the entire Squid race or just merely drove them away is unclear, but what is clear is that the global occupation was so tramatic for all Cyantians that they would end up using the name "Squid" as an expletive from now on. And out of all of the abductees, only 36 survived: 12 Wolves (including Alpha and Shean), 1 White Fox, 1 Silver Fox, 3 Black Fox, 6 various Feline, 2 Koyoti, 4 Jackal, 1 Ram, 6 Rabbits. Of these, each was 'adjusted' at the somatic and reproductive levels so that their traits are passed on to further generations. Overall effects are unknown because the genetic tampering would end up causing result in different abilities according to race. Although the Wolves would end up having heightened senses, strength, and agility; super longevity; plus extraordinary healing ability while mobile (this was instilled for the purpose of forcing pit fights to last extremely long periods of time. It only works when the wounded is MOVING and seems to revert to near normal when the body is resting so as not to overwork their bodies).

Year 153, 1251 AD

Alpha Akaelae forms The Council and founds the city of Centralis on the ruins of the Ancient City.

Year 155, 1253 AD

The Fox separate from The Council due to conflicts over ethical management of genetic research and several dangerous experiments that were performed.

Year 168, 1266 AD

Several groups of Cyantians needing cooler climates start to the North as their numbers have grown enough to make the move. The Feline species also begin to split away to more suitable land leaving the Wolves, Jackal, Rams and Rabbits.

Year 170, 1268 AD

The Ram and Rabbits leave as well to start their own civilizations out of fear of being surrounded by carnivores, some of which let old habits die hard.

Year 171, 1269 AD

The Jackal are the last to leave taking with them a small remnant of Taboa (creatures based on an unknown animal, squirrel like).

Year 258, 1356 AD

Syrys Akaelae is born.

The Ridge Wars

Year 487, 1585 AD

Things have been peaceful and some of the races have actually forgotten others exist. Contact between them is limited. The Fox have kept to themselves, as have the Northern Citystates, Koyoti and Jackal. The Wolf Citystates are more prominent than any of the others and work respectfully with the Mounties *The Felines living in the mountains*, Ram and Rabbit. It is at this time that the Fox reappear and begin the Ridge Wars, AKA Elite War. It all started when Rama Tibal aka. Wolf (having left the Wolves over being slighted) "encouraged" the Red Fox to rise up against the Elite Fox (those with black skin as opposed to white and who bear either a white, silver, or black pelt). The war then spills over into the Wolf territories, much to Rama's delight, and the Fox would in turn war with the Wolves to plunder their superior weaponry and technology.

Danie takes place.

Note: Alpha and several other Wolves are -still- alive and have not aged at all. As a matter of fact, Alpha has three sons and two daughters now. One daughter had already grown old and died, proof that it isn't passed on to all. Syrys Akaelae is 229 years of age.

Year 496, 1594 AD

The Ridge wars are won and the King is replaced by a White Fox named Medici who proceeds to attempt to change the way things are going and has minor success. Battles for the throne ensue upon his death in 542.

Upon noticing that the war was a lost cause, Rama brutally murdered his own teammates then went awol on the Fox. This time he is banished to Earth with the intention of never being able to return. The Elite are disbanded and go behind the scenes.

Syrys, along with Danie, have been captured by the Fox and placed in cryogenic statis. Syrys would be essencially forgotten in that level of the Fox facility, but Danie was removed long beforehand. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Akaelae / The Centralis War

Year 836, 1934 AD

Alpha Akaelae's age begins to catch up with him again and he remarries. Of his children, none have outlived him, that he knows of. Now he has two more sons, neither of which show any signs of inheriting his own long life. From this generation, he hides his age.

Year 867, 1965 AD

Contact with the underwater creatures, namely native Shark and Dolphin anthros that lack legs and hence... haven't made the contact themselves up to that point make themselves known through scientific breakthroughs of their own and wanting to be a part of what's going on above the water.

Year 868, 1966 AD

The White Fox once again take the throne and everything looks good.

Year 875, 1973 AD

Alpha (Kela Akaelae) and Celina Asara are born.

Year 876, 1974 AD

Upon the night of celebration of the yearly anniversary of the White Fox taking the throne and to celebrate an arranged marriage that will happen 20 years into the future between a year old white fox named Tira Wrashoen and a five year old White Fox kit by the name of Caite Medici. During this time a coup is staged and succeeds in wiping out ALL of the White and Silver Fox under a mass of Golden Fox warriors. Only one white fox cub survives, Tira who was hidden away when her parents fled. The Black Fox were then also sought out for full extermination at this time... again. Several escaped and one silver Fox kit was abandoned: Silvia C'lan (Silver).

Gralen Cragg takes place.

Tamera takes place.

Darius Akaelae is born.

Note: Rama had managed to return in secret to Cyantia via a warpgate and would begin to father a number of cubs. One of them being Vin Fanilt after raping his mother, Noira Fanilt, at around this time.

Year 877, 1975 AD

Vin is born. Noira, along with Vin, are then sent to a safe house (Akaelae Towers?) for their protection.

Sheana Tibal is born.

Year 879, 1977 AD

Shean Tibal dies. Killed by his mate, Sheana's mother, while being caught in the act of adultery.

Year 880, 1978 AD

Sheana's mother is killed in a shuttle accident. Sheana is now an orphan and is taken into Akaelae Towers.

Year 882, 1980 AD

Feeling trapped, Noira flees the safe house, taking Vin with her. She would settle in the slum region of Centralis where they would end up living hand-to-mouth.

Year 890, 1988 AD

Satin & Silk Prequel Takes Place

Note that Roos in Sink or Swim cause the event that allows them to escape. Exotica Genoworks moves offworld.

Year 892, 1990 AD

Akaelae Takes Place

Year 894, 1992 AD

The Underground Takes place - A Massive gene-teched plague does something all the Fox wars couldn't do... completely destroys their main city and the majority of their smaller cities leaving only one member of the present ruling family, Prince Kiet al'Rashon.. who has some very different ideas on how things should be.

Year 895, 1993 AD

Centralis War takes place. Alpha Akaelae is succeeded by Kela Akaelae.

Year 897, 1995 AD

Sink or Swim: Mini story takes place, Mist Memories, Shadows of Hope, introducing two new roos, Shadou and Miste.

Mars Academy

Year 901, 1999 AD

The Cyantians attempt to regroup their world and keep the Fox from falling into their cycle of war by inviting them and other races to join in the founding of a Mars Elite Academy and make contact with the people of Earth at sometime in the future. Darius Akaelae leads the expedition.

Year 902, 2000 AD

No Angel, Satin & Silk, Sink or Swim & Campus Safari all take place here.

(Note to myself, Shadou and Miste are roughly 7 years of age.) There is a small graphical timeline located in the Exotica Genoworks Saga story as well.

This text was taken from http://www.cyantian.net/world/timeline.html and edited