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Short Biography


He has blond hair, but likes to dye his ponytail black, blue eyes
Technomage student


Known characteristics

  • An overly active human technomage, he likes to cause mischief without actually harming anyone.
  • Dallas if you haven't figured it out by now is fairly erratic and impulsive when he's playing games and not really aware that what he's doing isn't acceptable. (No Angel, strip 92) Although the girls tend to take care of him on their own without running to anyone. Let's just say he's pushing his boundaries to see what he can get away with torment-wise.
  • He's had some problems with other students, and has a habit of carrying several catnip toys in case of bad encounters with mounties (or keterlin). (No Angel, strip 217)
  • He had a wolf upbringing and is more of an angel than the others of his group. He doesn't know about the magazines wrapped in brown paper (though Queen seems to), (No Angel, strip 201) and would not approve if he did know (he doesn't view women in 'quite' that way and doesn't really think anyone should).
  • He is VERY self-righteous and feels that it's his duty to tell everyone what is right and what is not, considering that he told Twinky to "Forget about Chatin. She's an Elite and an Akaelae. Chatin is way out of your league! Stick with us!" This also shows that he believes that everyone must know their place in life and not try to go above it.
  • Enjoys flirting, but has a problem with Evien who takes him seriously at it. (Campus Safari, strip 366)
  • Doesn't date seriously for fear of losing his freedom... a fear he gained after dating Alex. (Campus Safari, strip 470)

Known traits and abilities

  • He's the only beginner technomage who can teleport at will, instantly and as many times as he wants to. You're looking at the most powerful human technomage there is... unfortunately.
    • Occasionally forgets to account for mass other than himself, which can result in flaming hair after the teleport. (Campus Safari, strip 362)
  • Dallas is the type of person who would keep a psychiatrist busy for... decades. Mainly because he would be so open and frank about everything he'd give them more information than they need. Dallas LIKES to talk. And he's very clear minded.
  • Has the ability to hear broadcast thoughts. (No Angel, strip 199)
    • Tiffany has mentioned he can't really hear thoughts, though he may imply it.
  • Can see energy auras. (Campus Safari, strip 356)
  • Despite his chaotic image out in public, he keeps his room very neat and organized.


  • First appeared in Campus Safari revealing to Cilke that Twinky was a wereskunk. (Campus Safari, strip 355)
  • Thinks of technomages as scientists, and female lift students as gun-happy annihilation drones (he's ok with the male ones). (Campus Safari, strip 366)
  • He later received a really bad haircut by some technomage mice who like to pick on younger students. (Campus Safari, strip 469) He barely escaped with his ponytail (breaking the temporary teleport lock they had placed on him). (Campus Safari, strip 467) He was upset to have short hair, although Camie did make it look better than the rough hack job the mice did. (Campus Safari, strip 468)

  • First appeared in No Angel shooting Marcus in the imaging dome after using Queen to help place his shot. (No Angel, strip 80)
  • In his first encounter with Jules he pinched her butt, (No Angel, strip 82) which gave her a really bad impression of him. [1]
  • Everyone knows Dallas. (No Angel, strip 86)
  • It's stated he believes he's God's gift to women. (No Angel, strip 87)
  • Objects to being called a kid. (No Angel, strip 101)

  • He doesn't yet have a familiar (but will on his return from Earth), but he has five pets plus a tank of 3 juvenile glimmer sharks. (No Angel, strip 221)(No Angel, strip 223) His pets include a wisp named Wisp (male), (No Angel, strip 221) a cyott called Lavender or Lavi (female), a roisok called Mika (male), a 10 pound islander gryphon named Lime which doesn't land very well (No Angel, strip 222) (he acquired her when she fell out of her tree (No Angel, strip 223)), and a miniwhip called Queen.
  • He went around collecting animals on Cyantia and actually has managed to 'stash' them in his quarters, much to his roommate's annoyances.
  • He's rooming with three others, Surge, Nic and another lifter Syke hasn't named. Surge of course.. has one of the three whips that's flying around. Nic shows up later, ... and the fourth one spend all his time 'tweaking' the designs of the lift he wants to design and pilot.
  • Anyone finds out about all of Dallas' pets - he's going to be in massive trouble (students are only allowed one pet). The only one he has approved is Queen.